Daryn and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met 10 years ago. We both attended Michigan State University and kept up a long distance relationship while he was in Chicago and I stayed in Michigan. We had 2 years together in Michigan when I moved to Austin, TX to begin physical therapy school. Upon graduation Matthew moved down to TX and we’ve been living in Austin together for the last year.

how they asked

Matthew planned a quick trip to NYC to visit my best friend (since middle school!), Sana and her husband, Shaun. I have always wanted to visit NYC during the holidays to see the lights so I figured it was perfect timing. I was told we would be attending a nice brunch and a holiday party that Saturday for one of Sana’s co-workers. She made sure I had the perfect attire for each event. On our way to brunch Sana made sure we saw the beauty of NYC by stopping in DUMBO (down under Manhattan bridge overpass). I was told to turn with our backs facing Sana and Shaun so they could snap an ‘artsy’ photo of us with the skyline in the background. After a few seconds I asked if they were done so I could turn around…when I finally did both Mathew and I’s families, along with about 10 of our closest friends were standing on the board walk.

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I was in complete shock because I had no idea anyone had flown from Michigan to NYC! As soon as I saw everyone I screamed and Matthew proceeded to get down on one knee, which is when I absolutely lost it. I cried like a baby. It took me a solid minute to even look at the gorgeous octagon shaped ring he presented me with. After I came to and realized I was not dreaming we were whisked away with engagement photographers and shot photos around the city. After sharing lattes in a coffee shop and freezing our butts of on the rocks along the river we met everyone at brunch where we sipped mimosas for hours. We later had an engagement dinner at Buddakan and sat at the table that Sarah Jessica Parker had her engagement dinner at in the movie Sex & the City! I can honestly say Saturday, December 10th was the best day of my life!

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