Daryn and Brian

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How We Met

Fairview High School, located in the western suburb of Fairview Park, Ohio, contains about 600 students. FHS is also where 2 of those 600 fell in love.

But first, let’s back up a minute. In 2005, (John) Brian Archer made the decision to attend Fairview rather than Lutheran West for high school. Eager for a fresh start, he and long-time best friend, Kyle Shucofsky, decided FHS was the way to go. He slowly adjusted to high school life, but only after receiving a detention on the first day of freshman year for being late to class.

While all of this was going on, I was wondering why so many girls were talking about the new kid. Was his name John? Or was it Brian?? Regardless, because of the amount of attention this new guy was getting, I made a mental note to not give him a moment of my time.

At summer’s end in 2006, three days before sophomore year was to start, me and my long-time best friend Brittany Gligora, headed up to Mortan Park to swing… and there was Brian playing basketball. Brittany was familiar and friendly to Brian so she went right up and started talking to him. I decided to take a more direct approach and eventually told him to “D” up.

But Brian missed what I had said because rumor has it, he was more focused on my tiny yellow shorts. Before the night had ended, Brittany and I had shown Brian and his friend our cheerleading dance we were working on for the pep rally. Brian responded by showing them his best toe-touch, saying how his sister was a cheerleader so of COURSE he knew how to do it.

On the first day of school, I walked into study hall… only to see Brian sitting there. Except something looked different. Could it be? Yes… he had gotten a new back-to-school haircut except it was the second grade special: the dreaded bowl cut. After some prime-time teasing and note passing, they eventually ended up getting their seats changed next to each other. I eventually ended up taking Brian’s phone from him and putting my number into it.

One-on-one basketball and study hall laughs eventually turned into a date. Brian asked his mom if he could borrow the car one night to take Daryn out on a date. “Daryn… who you play basketball with?” she asked hesitantly. “Mom… Daryn is a GIRL.”

Dances, bus rides to football games, locker notes, and late night phone calls let “like” grow to “love”. Here we are today.

how they asked

On October 14th, 2016, Brian asked me to go to the Fairview football game with him. This wasn’t out of the ordinary because we usually try to catch a game each year at our high school Alma Mater. We decided to leave after half time but before we were about to do so, the announcer read off the 50/50 raffle ticket winner… and we WON! I couldn’t even believe my luck.

We headed down to the 50 yard line and Brian was given a white box which he opened to reveal 12 red roses. Meanwhile, I’m standing there thinking “what a strange 50/50 raffle prize…” Brian put the box down and grabbed both of my hands in front of the entire football stadium and said… “Well… This is where it all started….” I could barely hear what he said next with all of the hooting and hollering and cow bells going on.

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When I finally realized what he was doing, I looked over to my right only to see all four of our parent standing there taking pictures and clapping.

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It turns out, Brian had been meeting with the Vice Principal to set up this proposal for over a month. He came up with the idea to text the announcer his ticket number so I would think we actually won. He even gave the announcer a script so when I said YES, the announcer, over the PA system for all to hear, said that “high school sweethearts Daryn Herman and Brian Archer were finally going to tie the knot after 9 years of dating.”

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It will forever be a night to remember. I was shocked and still am. Standing there under the lights where we had shared some of our best memories, looking down at the man of my dreams but still seeing that shy boy I first fell in love with.

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Nine years later, here we are. Newly engaged and still feeling like we are 15.

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Laughing our way through life together and always remembering how we felt when we met at Fairview High School almost a decade ago.

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