Daryl and Héctor

How We Met

We met in Ecuador, I texted him through Instagram to ask him for a recipe because he’s a chef, then he asked me out for ice cream. We went out and since then we didn’t stop talking and we fell in love, the only difficult thing was that he’s from Mexico and I’m from Ecuador.

Daryl and Héctor's Engagement in Sierra de Juárez, México

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sierra de Juárez, México

how they asked

We traveled from Ecuador to Ensenada, Mexico. One day we went on a family trip to Sierra de Juarez and I had no idea that he was planning on proposing. When we got there it was cold so I fell asleep, and his family arranged everything. He woke me up because it was time to eat and when I got out the food wasn’t ready so I got mad because he woke me up. Then his father called us to get to know around, little did I know it was all planned.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sierra de Juárez, México

Daryl's Proposal in Sierra de Juárez, México

As we were walking, I saw a photographer hiding behind a tree and another one recording behind a rock, and when we got past the rock, everything was like a vintage theme, signs, lights, furniture, polaroids of us, so I imagined what was going to happen.

He smiled and grabbed my hands and told me “you know I chose you, I’m so nervous I don’t know what else to say” he got in one knee and asked me “would you marry me?” So I started crying and said yes, and his family came to hug us and celebrate with us.

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