Daryea and Tarsha

How We Met

How it all began: Tarsha & I met on Facebook about 8 years ago. If you ask me I’ll say she sent me a friend request & if you ask her she’ll say I sent the friend request, so neither of us really remember who actually send the request lol. We went to high school about 10 minutes from each other, one day I had the courage to ask her on a date to Chipotle.

I had 20 dollars on me & the date was my treat, so if she would have gotten guacamole or extra chicken I would have been in trouble. We both got chicken burrito bowls because each of us didn’t want to devour a burrito in front of the other. After that we started dating, a couple years later we were talking about getting married.

how they asked

My wife believes everything I do, she needs to know about so buying a ring without her knowing was going to be a challenge. But I did it, then I took her with me to pick it up. She wouldn’t stay home, so of course she had to come. I told her I was going to pick up her mom’s ring because she got it cleaned, so she wouldn’t ask any questions. We got to the jewelry store & Tarsha walked in with me, the guy behind the counter said “Your ring is ready”. When she turned around I was on one knee, in the middle of the jewelry store. She was in shock because she wasn’t expecting it & I was happy to see how she felt and I surprised her! On May 26th 2018 we became 1 ????