Darth Vader Helps with Marriage Proposal in New York City

How We Met, her side: I first met Mike while working the front desk at Retro Fitness. He came in one day mid September to sign up for a membership. We didn’t talk much just hello and goodbye until his brother one day also joined. His brother and I quickly became friends which led to Mike and I becoming friends. We slowly became best friends hanging out every day between going to the beach or going for coffee. On June 26th, the day after his birthday, Mike officially became my boyfriend and the journey began.

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How we met, his side: I first met Concetta when I signed up at Retro Fitness gym. When I first saw her I knew she was a good girl and I was young and naive so I thought she was too good for me. Little by little we started talking and she ironically insisted on giving me advice on another girl I was talking to. Before I knew it we were hanging out every day which eventually, the day after my birthday, we became official.

how they asked, her side: It all started in early December when Mike told me he won a trip to Virginia Beach with his work buddies that would take place in the last weekend in March. He just started this job so I assumed that trips were a normal thing. Months later the closer we got to March my best friend messaged me asking to make plans for her birthday on March 22nd. I couldn’t do the 22nd because I had a bridal shower to attend so she suggested we do the 21st instead (later I found out that was part of the plan). The day before Mike was leaving for his trip I was sad because I was going to miss him but regardless that night we said goodbye. I got messages at 4 AM saying he was awake and getting ready for the trip and then another message at 6 AM telling me that he was on the plane and that he loved me. That morning I woke up ready to have brunch with my best friend. I arrived to the venue about 45 minutes early so I decided I would go do some shopping at the local shops. At around 11:55 she messaged me saying she was running late and to run in to save our reservation. She also told me that a bottle of champagne would be coming to the table and not to send them away because it was for her birthday. So after I sat down the lights dimmed and I saw the bottle coming. This place called Bagatelle in NYC always has themes to their bottle service and this one happened to be Darth Vader. The theme song was blasting and I began to record Darth Vader as he approached me.

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The moment the theme song was over the song changed to Jason Derulo-Marry me so I looked to my left at the DJ confused. As soon as I turned back to my right Darth Vader undressed and I realized it was Mike the whole time as he got down on one knee.

how they asked, his side: Being with Concetta for almost 3 years I have never been able to successfully surprise her with any type of gift or anything. When I decided it was time for me to propose I made it my business to make sure she was as surprised as possible. 3 months before my planned proposal date I told her I won a trip with my coworkers to go to Virginia Beach for March 21st-24th. In that time I had her best friend involved and she invited her to go to brunch, little did she know it’ll be a brunch she will never forget. The place is called Bagatelle and they are known for their eccentric bottle service shows. When the time came on March 20th we said good bye as it was time for my “vacation”. The next day March 21st she showed up to her brunch and her friend was “running late” so she went in to get the table so they didn’t lose the reservation. Moments later the light dim and out comes a bottle of champagne from Darth Vader and 2 storm troopers. When the bottle arrived to her table the song changed to Jason Derulo-Marry Me and at the time I took off the Darth Vader costume and got down on one knee.

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Photos by Photo.dh | Video by: Stas Furman