Daron and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in high school, but our love story didn’t start until about nine years later.

how they asked

My fiancé Alex loves surprises so it was no shock that in true Alex fashion, our engagement was a surprise of a lifetime. After the holidays, we planned a trip to Honolulu to escape the Seattle chill and visit my best friend, Holly, and her husband Kalani. Holly and Kalani are amazing friends and we love spending time with them and their Frenchie, Piko whenever we can.

One night on our trip, Holly asked us if she could take “one photo” of us for work. It seemed a little odd, but since she is an incredible photographer, I was definitely excited. We planned to go the next day, which was Alex’s birthday. Holly suggested a sunset shoot so that we could bring drinks to celebrate his birthday after. At first, Alex acted very nonchalant. But it wasn’t too long before he became very interested in being on time and suggested that Holly help me pick out a dress for our “one photo”.

Holly took us to the most beautiful, secluded beach. When we arrived, the sun was just starting to set in a stunning lavender and peach colored sky. We were quickly unpacking the car when a pack of sparklers fell out of a blanket Holly was carrying. We exchanged eyes, but Holly swiftly stuffed the sparklers back inside the blanket. I began to become a little suspicious, but after posing for a few photos (and by posing, I mean Holly and Kalani coaching us through our first couple’s photo shoot – who knew we weren’t natural models) Holly said it was time for drinks!

As I stepped forward and thought, “the sparklers must be for Alex’s birthday,” Alex took my hand and then went down on his knee. My eyes instantly started to water and my mind went blur, but it was a sunset and surprise to remember.

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Special Thanks

Holly Cuaresma
 | Photographer
Kalani Cuaresma
 | Planning