Megan and Darius

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How We Met

We went to the same high school and knew of each other but weren’t really friends, he was a year older than me. Our relationship didn’t start until after we were both graduated from college, I was visiting my sister and somehow the topic of him came up. She knew him a bit better from going to the same group class at a local gym. A couple weeks after that, he contacted me through Facebook, we started chatting and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Our 4 year anniversary was coming up and about a month before, my (now) fiance told me for my anniversary gift, we’d be going on a weekend trip somewhere to celebrate! The weekend was mostly a surprise, I just knew we were going to San Francisco and Napa Valley – that was all I needed to know… and I didn’t ask any questions. I was STOKED! :) We spent the first day exploring San Francisco; Lombard Street, the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. We then went to a very nice, very romantic dinner at Acquerello in the city. Afterward, he said he thought it’d be fun to watch the sunset from across the bridge. I love a good sunset, so off we went! We headed over the bridge to Treasure Island, a place that he’d heard from a ‘friend’ was the best view of the San Francisco skyline and catch the sunset without many people around. As we pulled up, there was only one other couple there.

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Once we’d parked, he pointed off in the distance to a picnic fully setup with rose petals, Treveri sparkling wine and a wrapped gift. As we got closer to the picnic, I was baffled at how this would’ve gotten here, and thought we were crashing someone else’s picnic! I was thinking wow – what a thoughtful anniversary celebration!! Little did I know… He quickly changed the subject and told me to open the gift. I opened a bound book collage full of photos from when we first started dating up until now – trips we’ve taken together, funny moments and our best memories. As I flipped through, the book ended with pages saying “You are my yesterday, you are my today, you are my tomorrow and you are my forever!! Because… “ and there was also a verse at the end that he told me on one of our first dates.

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As I closed the book in happy tears, I looked at him and told him how special this whole day was to me. He smiled, and asked me to stand up with him. At that moment, in the windy, beautiful San Francisco sunset, he asked me to marry him!!

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Of course, I said YES!!!!!! And the rest is history! Turns out, the couple we’d seen off in the distance when we parked were photographers David & Annie, capturing the whole moment. They were also the ‘friends’ my fiancé was talking about who suggested the location – and who setup the picnic! We spent the rest of the weekend sipping and celebrating our way through Napa Valley! It was a weekend I will never forget, down to every last detail!

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Special Thanks

David Zhang
 | Photographer
Annie Zhang
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring