Darina and Elias

how we met

We met in 2015 on a birthday trip for a mutual friend. We remained cordial after but I didn’t know he had a crush on me since the day we met.

how they asked

I haven’t celebrated my birthday with friends in a while. I had gone on trips with Elias since we dated so I decided to switch it up. We went to DC with a bunch of my friends. I had planned the entire weekend and Friday night was dinner before the club. We had dinner and my bestfriend gave a speech. Shortly after Elias gave a speech while the waiter placed a plate in front of me saying Marry Me? He got down on one knee and asked will you marry me? Of course I said yes but it was a total surprise. He had the whole thing planned with our friends and family.

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Waterworks Restaurant
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