Darianne and Mitchell

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How We Met

I met Mitchell whilst working at my first part time job at McDonald’s. I was front counter and he was back area and oh how we made work fun! Working late shifts, sharing secrets and sneaking out we were best friends. Then one night whilst we were eating ice cream down the beach ,making each other laugh, he held me and said be mine :)

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how they asked

I have always dreamt of my engagement being beautiful and meaningful and when I met my partner I couldn’t think of anyone better I could spend the rest of my life with. On the 5th April 2016 my partner Mitchell rang me up at work and told me he had a surprise for me when I got home. I was so excited all day I couldn’t wait to get home and see him, when I got there he gave me a big kiss and told me we were flying out to Fiji in just 3 days! When we landed he wouldn’t tell me where we were staying as it was a surprise. It was such a beautiful morning as we flew over the Fiji island into our romantic holiday and arrived at our private villa at the Hilton resort. On the second day we went to breakfast and he surprised me again and had brought my parents on the holiday as well! I’m really close to my parents so this was the most beautiful thoughtful surprise.

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After 5 days gorgeous days traveling around the islands and drinking too many cocktails I couldn’t feel anymore happier. Then on the 12th April he had arranged a lovely meal with my parents. Part way through the meal he disappeared saying he had to get the bill. About 15 minutes had passed and suddenly one of the hotel staff come and picked me up and said that there was a problem with our villa. I jumped on the buggy really worried thinking maybe I had left the straightener on! When we got there I made my way up to the villa door and I could see a path of rose petals leading through the lounge to the bedroom. On the bed lay a beautiful book filled with our memories over the 5 years we had been together. Then on the last page was a note saying “follow the candles”. I looked up and saw a path of candles going from the bedroom all the way down to the beach. I followed them to find Mitchell standing next to a big love heart shaped bonfire and a Fijian singing a beautiful love song with a guitar. We looked at each other and laughed I could see he was nervous.

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He bent down and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life by my side. I was so happy, through my crying i got out a “yes” and gave him the biggest kiss. With the sounds of the waves gushing and the love song we hugged and laughed just taking in what just happened.

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The night was just a dream and when I woke up he grabbed my hand and said he had one last surprise. He took me out over the islands on a seaplane.

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Holding my newly engaged hand we looked out over the landscape and saw a beautiful love heart shaped island. He turned to me and kissed me saying he is so happy and he can’t believe he found such a perfect beautiful woman to be with.

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