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How We Met

I have known Jason since the 7th grade. He moved from Buffalo, New York to Hudson, FL in 6th grade. In 7th grade, Spanish class at Hudson Middle School, the seats were in alphabetical order so Jason always sat in front of me. He used to always steal my pencils and we would write notes back and forth about the day & his girl issues :p I’d say right there was the beginning of a budding friendship. We became best friends in 8th grade, and by 9th grade we were inseparable. I was always the girl that all of his girlfriends thought he liked and he was the guy that all the guys thought I liked.. but no, we were “just friends”. The beginning of sophomore year at Hudson High School rolled around, and Jason told me he loved me! I had never been told that by someone before and took them seriously! I was in high school, I didn’t know anything about love. So naturally… I ran away and started to date some guy I barely knew. This was the first time I broke his heart & didn’t even really know it. A couple of months went by and I started to think that I might actually like this guy a little (lot) more than a best friend.

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So! After my soccer game on February 2nd, 2010, my mom was dropping him off at his house. We both got out of the car and that’s when Jason asked me to “go out with him” and be his girlfriend. I said yes and ran away to the car quite awkwardly. Fast forward to 2017, we have been together for 7 years and have been through a LOT of life’s hurdles. We graduated with our Bachelor’s degree together at the University of South Florida in 2015, and in 2017 we both got accepted into a graduate school. Jason got accepted into Nova Southeastern University’s Physician Assistant Program and I got accepted to the University of Miami’s Physical Therapy Program. We had talked a number of times ab out our future together and how we plan on spending the rest of our lives with each other… but because I knew we were going to be long distance for the next 2-3 years, I was not expecting a proposal any time soon! I always bugged him about it and he always told me “I don’t know when.. I guess there will be a day when I’ll just know when the time is right.” Low and behold… he was planning something so special all along.

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Our story can be a bit elaborate so I’ll break my day up into sections:) First: Sunday morning, April 23, 2017, started off completely normal. Jay had a soccer game in St. Pete that I went with him to and as I already mentioned, I had no idea that today would be the day I would be proposed to!

2 pm: After the game I had plans for about a week to go get my nails done with my best friend, Chelsea. She picked me up & we went to the appointment; I had to wait so long for my nail tech so I tried saying, nah I won’t get em done today, and she persuaded me to wait, so I did & got them done (which obviously I’m so thankful I did.. but it was all a part of Jason’s sneaky plan ;P )

4:45 pm: Chelsea takes me home & Jay isn’t there.. no big deal. But when I walked into our room, there were 2 notes on the bed; one read: “Hey Baby, Get dressed into something beautiful, you have a big night ahead of you….. I love you”. There were a dozen red roses, an outfit laid out on the bed, and his laptop, with another note that read: “Don’t worry, I let JoJo know you won’t be making it to your soccer game. I’ll text Chelsea with further instructions. Don’t use the computer until instructed to do so, make sure it goes with you wherever you may go…. I love you very much Darian.

I’ll see you later♥” At this point, I had an inkling of what was going on, but I thought to myself “he’s done stuff similar before.. & if I overthink it I may be disappointed”. So I just went with the flow and he kept ignoring my texts & calls. I was told I had 30 minutes to get ready & apparently Chelsea had “no idea what was going on”.

5:20 pm: Chelsea drives me to Hudson Middle School (where me & Jay first met) & then I knew what the end of my evening was going to look like, but I was still so confused at the sequence of events! My mom was there already, so we got out of the car & they were told they were allowed to open the computer. My mom, Chelsea, and I were hovering around the computer to see what Jason had planned. There was a video! And Jason was at Hudson Middle, reminiscing on what happened there & so on, and the waterworks started. That’s when my trek began!

Stop 2: My mom drove me to Jay’s mom’s house (where he first asked me to be his girlfriend & where we had our first kiss), where his mom, brother & sister were waiting for me! There was another video for me to watch… He looked so handsome in the videos & I was getting super anxious to see him!!!!

Stop 3: My mom handed me off to Jason’s mom, who took me to the Chinese buffet where we had our first date in 2010!! My grandparents were there waiting for me outside, and there was another video of him in front of our spot. During all of these car rides everyone was acting so casual and not answering any of my questions like.. Where is Jason!!! ha ha ha. I definitely caught on to the trend of my journey but I still didn’t know what or who was next.

Stop 4: My grandparents drove me to Hudson High School where we met my sister, Madison, and my life long best friend, Katie. We graduated from here, had our first slow dance here… There are a TON of memories that building contained! And guess what, we all got to watch another video of Jason inside the school! :D

Stop 5: On my way to stop 5, being driven by my sister & Katie, I had no absolutely no idea where we could be going. About 20 minutes into the drive.. I got blindfolded (Katie said she had specific instructions). After I could see again, I found myself at the Fred Howard causeway where Jason and I watched the sunset together for the first time in 2015. We stopped on the side of the causeway for me to watch my final video! At this point I can’t stop myself from crying and smiling. So we pull up to the beach to park & as I get out of the car I see, on a hill right on the water, my ENTIRE family and closest friends.

Madison and Katie walk me up, Matt, one of Jason’s best friends is at the edge of the beach to greet me with his camera to take photos of everything as it all transpired.

As I walk up to the hill, my family parts down the middle and Jason comes walking up from the rocks, greets me with a “hey there baby” and I kind of blacked out .. but all I know is that he got down on one knee in front of all my family and friends and asked me to marry him!!!!

I couldn’t stop crying but I managed to get out the words “Yes DUH!” After all the engagement photos and congratulations and kissing and hugging everyone, I found out that Jason had reserved a room at the Hibachi restaurant down the road and everyone was joining us! After dinner, Jason had one more surprise up his sleeve. Jason and Matt hooked up the computer to the tv in the restaurant and showed another video.

This time, it was string of videos of Jason asking for members of my family their blessing to marry me! He asked my parents, grandparents, brothers, sister, and best friend; told his mom, dad, and siblings as well! I had the opportunity to see everyone’s reaction when they found he he was going to propose:) That was my favorite part!! This man had everything planned out to the most minute detail! I REALLY am living my own fairy tale & I’m ecstatic to begin this next journey in life with my best friend, my rock, my soul mate.

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