Daria and Adam

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How We Met

In April 2016, Adam started his first job at a law firm in FiDi. He posted a photo of his new office view on Instagram, which caught the attention of his high school friend, Caitlin Leist, who was living with me on Wall Street. Adam and Cait caught up over dinner and afterward, Cait told me, “I have to introduce you to my friend AJ. We went to high school together, he is living in the city now and you are totally his type!” I agreed it would be fun to meet Adam and told Cait to set it up. Six months later…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Fast forward to October 22nd. Adam reached out to Cait to see if she and her roommates were up to anything that night. I had won an open bar at Calico Jack’s in Manhattan (RIP) so I made plans with Cait and our third roommate, Rebecca, to go out. Cait, Rebecca, and Adam met up at Calico Jack’s and I joined them a bit later. According to Adam, as soon as I walked into the bar, his eyes were immediately drawn to me. Cait leaned over and said, “That’s my roommate, go hit on her!” So Adam walked up, tapped me on the shoulder, and the rest was history! Adam and I had our first official date on November 1, 2016, at Haru Sushi in the Financial District. After receiving a paws-up approval from Selina (Adam’s cat), Adam and I moved in together in 2017.

How They Asked

In late 2018, Adam started talking about wanting to go to Paris. Friends of ours were getting ridiculously cheap flights there, so we decided to begin our search. In November, we scored a deal and booked our trip to Paris for that coming February. Adam says he knew he wanted to ask me to marry him one day, and this trip seemed like the perfect opportunity; a couple’s vacation to Paris at Valentine’s Day – what could be more romantic than that?!

On the last night of their trip, Adam strategically planned for he and I to dress up fancy for dinner in the Eiffel Tower, one of my favorite places. On the way there, Adam created a detour by saying he wanted to check out Pont de Bir-Hakeim (the bridge from the movie Inception), which conveniently has beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Unbeknownst to me, Adam had also hired a photographer (who he had been sending WhatsApp messages throughout the trip) so that when Adam dropped down on one knee, the moment would be captured forever.

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