Darcy and Joe

How We Met

I was bar tending at a local bar. His family makes Cornhole boards. The bar had planned a tournament for every Tuesday, which were my days to work. I first met him and his family there but I was currently seeing someone. A while later at my daytime job (bridal consultant ) one of my new brides to be had changed her mind and decided to stop in and pick out tuxedos for the wedding party. As we measure them. I noticed that I knew him said hi and told him to come back to Cornhole. He said sure, I later found it the bride told him once outside that she thought I was hitting on him and he needed to ask me out. That evening we messaged back and forth on facebook. I thought the whole time he was interested in cornhole. Not the case haha. He later gave me his number and we made plans for a first date. 6 months later here we are.

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how they asked

We had received pens tickets for a Thursday game in January against the flyers. Ahead of time we had decided to go for a walk after because everytime we are in pittsburgh we do since our second date. So the pens win we leave the stadium and head to the truck. I had a cold so I’m coughing the whole time. Almost said let’s skip the walk but I figured what the heck we are already here right? So we head to mount washington. Hop out of the truck and he asked where the best view is. I said by the top. So we went down first then back up. Talking about the game the houses up there and how cold it was. We get almost to the top and I said oh I like this one. He said why don’t we come back there were two girls talking selfies. I had no clue what he was up to so I was like who cares I just want to see the city. He insisted on going to the top. So we went to the next one. Which is my favorite now! We were looking at the city lights and stadiums. Next thing yo know he turns to me and starts telling me how there aren’t enough roses in the world to show you how much I love you. I have a vase that hasn’t been empty since our second date. I’m think I no what is he talking about. Then he said I have something in my pocket to show you how much I love you. I then said are you serious right now? And then stepped back. We know what I’m think I ng. But what if it’s a key chain or necklace and I just reacted like that lol. So he gets down on one knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. To which in between sobs I said yes. Once back at the truck he told me worried him when I stepped back he thought I was going to run. So I explained my omg what if it’s a key chain. He then said ok now you have to call your mom. Apparently he had went to visit my parents Sunday and asked permission. So they already knew and his family all knew as well. A blubbering mess with a cold. But the best night ever!

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