Darcy and Jesus

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How We Met

We met 11 years ago at work. We both worked for an occupational/physical therapy office. Jesus was an aide and I was a receptionist. We started dating 9 years ago and the rest is history!

how they asked

It was our 9 year anniversary weekend, and we decided to go to LBI for a little getaway (we had been saying that we wanted to go). Saturday morning we went to the lighthouse and climbed to the top (also something we’ve been saying we wanted to do). We walked along the pier and then crossed over the rocks in the water to the sand. Jesus told me he wanted to come back at sunset and replicate a picture he saw online of me. Again, we talked about going to LBI and watching the sunset, so I still was not thinking anything of it. He said he wanted to find a good spot for the picture so that the lighthouse was in the background. He pretended to use his camera to find “the spot”. He then marked it with a like to a rock so we would know where to go when we got back later that night. Thinking nothing of it we continued on with our day and went to get lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather in Beach Haven. We then went back to our hotel, went for a walk on the beach and then got ready for dinner that night. It was our 9 anniversary weekend so we had a nice dinner planned. The sunset/picture was on the way. When we got back, we walked to the “spot”. I was turned and posing for my picture. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Jesus set up his camera to record, although I thought he was taking pictures of me and him then at that point. He pulled out a paper and said that he wrote me a poem. It wasn’t the first time so I still didn’t think that it was really happening. As he was reading I was going back and forth in my head saying omg he’s going to propose and no there’s no way. It wasn’t until the last verse of the poem that it finally hit when i heard the words about taking his last name and then him getting down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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Of course I said yes! I then proceeded to immediately ask if anyone knew and he pointed to the bushes where his brother in law came out taking pictures (he is a photographer) followed by his sister behind another bush. He had every detail planned out and later told me that he drove down the day before with his brother in law to map out the perfect spot for pictures of the proposal with the lighthouse in the background. It was a fairytale dream come true. It was perfect and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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