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How We Met

Walfre and I went to high school together. We never knew each other while he was in high school, but we met my senior year on Snapchat. Somehow he got my username and would send me pictures of his chihuahuas. I adore all dogs so we kept in touch strictly on Snapchat for a couple of months. After a while, we finally exchanged numbers and began dating. It actually wasn’t until about six months later that he asked me to be his girlfriend and we would continue to plan the rest of our lives together.

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how they asked

Walfre and I have a favorite spot in our hometown of Joplin. Our day started out pretty regular as we had been planning this date for some time. Just recently we had our 4 year anniversary and a trip to Colorado, so I would have thought that if he was going to propose, it would have been during one of these major events. This date was an ordinary date that we go on quite often. We were supposed to go to dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours, but he said he had picked me up a little early so we could go to Wildcat (our favorite spot) and enjoy the evening. We showed up and the bench we always sit on was covered in lights.

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We sat down and began discussing what our life had come to and what we wanted from it. He gave me a letter that described some of his favorite memories with me and what he wanted for our future. 4 years ago, when I first left for college (4 hours away), we tossed a rock over the bridge at Wildcat to symbolize all of the worries we had been thrown away. We wanted to enjoy our time together. After our discussion on what we wanted from our lives and after reading his letter, he had me do the same thing. He wanted me to throw away any and all worries I had about our future together. After I had done so, I turned around where he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand.

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