Daphnee and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I met when we were both very young. We were both 9 years old to be exact. My family just found a new church to be members of and immediately upon arrival, Josh’s oldest sister grabbed me, introduced me to her family. At 9 years old, I developed a crush on Josh as soon as I met him. The crush that I had never went away, I didn’t know how he felt. Years later, I met new people, Josh and I were still friends, he knew I liked him but that was it. In the myspace era, Josh and I had nonsense conversations online (he later expressed that he would pick fights with me just so he could talk to me), but still the relationship was platonic. Fast forward to November 2007, my friend dared me to smooch him, I didn’t back down. 3 days later, back on myspace he confessed that he couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss that we shared and then asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Finally! Our families have a lot of rules and reservations about dating young but we broke them all. This was not easy! We’ve been dating for 7 years now almost 8, and it’s all because we never gave up on each other.

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how they asked

I always make fun of Josh for not being able to hold a secret or successfully plan a surprise. He told me when he went in the store and picked out the ring. Now it was just a matter of when. I was in Virginia at the time when he sent me a picture of the ring. I was completely boggled as to why he showed it to me, but Josh is the type that likes to share everything with me especially if he’s excited about it.

The anticipation was killing me, I wanted to know when he’d finally propose-that he wouldn’t tell me. My graduation was coming up and Josh, his mom and my mom were planning on having a graduation party for me; this is when my suspicion grew. Josh however seemed poised through the whole process because he’s the most lackadaisical person when it comes to event planning. I then started questioning my suspicions. For years I was hinting at him about how I want the proposal to be which was to make sure someone is there to record the moment and to have our family and friends present. One night we were hanging out and he asked “who do you want to be there when I propose?” I still had a feeling he would do it at the party, and I accidentally blew my cover and replied “well everyone’s already gonna be there”. He looked confused and reiterated for when he plans on proposing and I reminded him that I wanted my closest friends and family to be there.

Fast forward to May 17th, I finally got to the party and saw my man looking dapper as ever and got a bit jealous that he looked so good on MY DAY haha. I got over it though. Most of the guests starts arriving and then I saw family from Canada and every coast coming in, I didn’t really think anything of it because his family is full of support. The party started and his brother David was the host gave the mic to anyone who wanted to say a few words and then passed the mic to Josh. I was sitting down and I could see the sweat dripping from his face as he started to talk. He started talking about our love and all of its wonder and then he pulled out the box and that’s when I fell apart. Of course I said YES!!! Now I cannot wait to spend every day and the rest of my life with my best friend and soulmate.

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