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How We Met

Jack and I went to boarding school together, but we weren’t in the same grade, we didn’t have the same friends (at that time) and didn’t know each other. When in college, we both ended up at the same party and it sort of took off from there. We both were spending the summer in Vermont and Jack asked me if I wanted to go hiking. We’d then spend the rest of that summer hiking, going to the river exploring “hidden” swimming spots (and as a result, being HOURS late to work), and lots of back yard hangouts around the fire.

Summer was coming to an end, and soon we’d go back to school. I was going to study abroad in Italy for 7 months, so I was uncertain and nervous to start an even longer, long distance relationship, but Jack was persistent. He said he would visit and he did! We traveled around Italy and Spain, taking buses and trains to different cities and towns. This was really what started molding our relationship. We discovered how much we wanted to travel and how we wanted to see everything! Most importantly, Jack is very easy to travel with. He keeps me calm when the inevitable travel hiccups happen.

I began to realize that this relationship was something special, that Jack was really special.

Traveling is a huge part of our relationship. Every year we plan for a big trip and go somewhere new. We’ve explored parts of Canada and Mexico, and all over Europe: living in Spain, Italy and Ireland. On deck travels: THE REST OF THE WORLD. I really want to visit Japan as our 2017 trip, but Jack is thinking more of Canada (specifically the Banff area, which I’m not opposed to!). We know that we want to honeymoon throughout Southeast Asia, just thinking about those explorations makes me want to get married and fly out tomorrow haha! Right now we live in NYC with our goldendoodle puppy Arlo, but I’m sure we’ll live somewhere wild when we finally settle down.

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BUT this brings us to why we’re here! Our most recent trip was to Italy for my sister’s wedding, and then to Iceland for 2 weeks!

how they asked

Jack and I rented a large SUV, and armed with loads of camping gear we started our adventure of driving around the whole country and camping in the back of our car! Every night we slept somewhere new; in a lava field, by a waterfall, on the coast with sheep running around, at the edge of a gorge and even at a glacial lagoon.

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Jack and I flew out our favorite photographer to document a few days of our trip. I’m a photographer myself, so Jack is used to me taking pictures of him, and also hiring other photographers to take pictures of us. I just always want to remember these moments, and it’s worth it to us to hire and work with such amazing artists. Jack and I will always treasure the pictures. We spent 3 days traveling with the photographers exploring random waterfalls, caves on the side of the road, and camper cabins for travelers.

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On July 3, around 11:30 PM, we were all driving up to one of the locations I marked on our map as a “must see”. It’s called Fjadrárgljúfur Canyons (please google, they are magical!). Did I mention that during the summer, it’s nearly light out all 24 hours and gets a bit dusky around 1 am. We all pulled over, and there was no one there because everyone was sleeping except us. (We did a lot of our exploring at night to avoid all the tourists!) Jack told me to try to find this jutting out feature of the canyon that we found online that we thought would be a great place for a picture.

He said he was going to change his shirt, because he actually spilled ketchup on it when we were driving and he was eating the highly raved about Icelandic hotdogs. So I went with one of our photographers to scope the location, while he changed. Then he started running up and around the hill/canyons looking for this spot before the sun went past the mountain. Finally we found a spot that looked like it could be what we were thinking of, but hey the entire canyon was breath taking…

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The photographer asked us to walk out on a tiny ledge and to cuddle up with each other. Thankfully Jack is taller and broader than me, so despite my fear of heights, I was very calm and relaxed in his arms. His heart was beating so fast, and I asked him if he was okay. He replied so matter of factly, “Daph, I just spent the last 10 minutes running up and around the hill.” Ah, so yeah I didn’t think anything of it haha. Then he started to lower on to one knee, and my first thought was intense panic because I thought he was falling off the cliff. So as he kneeled, I started to bend down to catch him and pull him back up. It finally clicked what he was doing and I had to hold on to his shoulders to steady myself so I didn’t fall off.

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It was the most beautiful moment, and I can’t even express how lucky I feel knowing I get to spend the next 80 years with the most gentle, kind and generous person I’ve ever met! (I’m hopeful we live past 100 haha). I’m so thankful that we had Phil and Sara there to capture these moments, that already feel like a hundred years ago.

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We spent the night camped at the base of the canyons, Face timing all of our loved ones to share the good news. Jack told me all the funny stories leading up to him proposing; how he had been planning this for over a year, how he kept the secret from me, where he hid the ring, how close I was to finding it, how we were both searched at security and our bags were emptied. I don’t even know how long we sat there laughing and just being in the moment. We’ve talked so many times about our future and about the house we’ll build together, but it wasn’t until that moment everything felt so right. We spent the next 9 days on our own little honeymoon; exploring, getting lost and breaking down on a mountain, chasing sheep and sleeping on moss, and cooking/eating way too much pasta. This was by far our most memorable trip together, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the world with him.

We don’t have a date for our wedding, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary in Iceland (a few days after he proposed), but we know the wedding will be in 2018. We’re thinking destination, just stuck on all of the endless options ;)

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Special Thanks

Phil Chester
 | Photographer
Sara Byrne
 | Photographer
Daphne Cebek
 | Photographer