Daphne and Abner

Image 1 of Daphne and AbnerTo celebrate our three years, three months benchmark Jun decided to plan a Sunday Disney date. We purchased annual passes a few months ago and agreed that we had not visited in a while. Initially I was reluctant because I usually spend Sunday’s in my classroom or at home preparing for the week. But of course, I agreed and negotiated a plan to stay only until noon or early afternoon. (Besides, it’s still hot and humid in the afternoon this time of year). Jun persuaded me to work extra during the previous school week and stay home Saturday night so I could have Sunday more open. When I went to sleep, I set my alarm for 6:00am with the plan to leave my house by 7:30am to arrive at the park opening.

On Sunday morning I heard my phone ringing and answer it half asleep. I heard urgency in Jun’s soft but firm voice, “Open your door, I’m here.” (Ok.. I honestly thought it was an emergency because usually he sounds a bit more…groggy.) I walked out of my room to open the front door but I was startled to see Jun already in my house. Turns out he borrowed a key the night before without me knowing. When I met him he announced, “Good morning, we need to leave in ten minutes.” I chuckled and thought, “Really? You think I can get ready in ten minutes?” I then caught a glimpse of his phone and was shocked, “4:51am?!” I suspected he was probably trying to watch the sunrise and I figured we were going to the beach. Sensing his eagerness to leave, I quickly got ready but stretched the 10 minutes to 20…or 25 minutes. After all, we had plenty of time before the sunrise.

When we were in the car Jun was stressed and tensed! He was flying down the freeway and was really concerned about arriving on time. It started to dawn on me that we weren’t going to the beach. After all, who cares about time on the beach? Based on Jun’s vibes, I concluded that:

1. This activity was a scheduled event that involved other people.


2. Money HAD to be involved! (What else could stress him out so much??)

It boggled my mind what our activity was but I didn’t dare ask questions during this high-stressed period. After 40 minutes of driving (normally an hour long drive), we pulled into a McDonalds parking lot. Jun seemed relieved. I was waiting patiently when I saw IT…a trailer connected to a van with a HOT AIR BALLOON PICTURE!! I squealed with pure joy. Excitement overtook my body!!

Image 2 of Daphne and AbnerThe entire experience was absolutely fascinating—from inflating the balloon, floating above the ground, admiring the colors of the sunrise, identifying clouds, brushing against tree tops, and watching the wild life below us. The day was gorgeous and I didn’t take it for granted, it was a taste of heaven. Everything in that hour with Jun was so ideal, peaceful, and romantic.

Now, based on social-media responses, I think this is the part where everyone thinks the proposal took place—it isn’t. In fact, I wasn’t even expecting it at all. After the balloon landed the ballooning company provided breakfast at a local café. We ate, talked, and continued on with our plans to EPCOT.

The crowd was surprisingly minimal considering it was Sunday. After riding Test Track we decided to walk around the World Showcase hoping to catch some character signatures. Our timing seemed to be nearly “perfect”. We met, took pictures with, and got autographs from Mulan, Alice, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Mr. Smee with no line or hardly any line. You see, I have this old school Mickey Mouse autograph book from 1994 and it has been a mission of mine to fill it up since I was a little girl. I was quite pleased to fill in more pages.

After walking a while and meeting numerous characters, it was nearing lunch time and we were starving! Jun suggested Akershus Royal Banquet Hall but I knew by looking at the map that

1. Those three bold dollar signs beside the restaurant name indicated a rather pricey meal.


2. Prior reservations were ALWAYS necessary at these restaurants.

Any “walk-ins” would either be rejected or have an extreme wait time. I suggested we go to another “country” and get some of their “authentic fast food” but Jun insisted we just check it out. “Besides,” he said, “there might be some characters outside the restaurant.”

Jun started to inquire about the restaurant and I was distracted by other fascinating Disney stuff. The next thing I know he was checked in and we were called to our table. Jun said to me, “This is surprise number three.” Immediately I thought, “An ordered number of surprises?!?!” The thought simply passed as I was caught up in the moment.

Lunch was scrumptious! A buffet of fruits, salads, cheese, crackers, and fish with potato leek soup and mushroom stuffed pasta. The highlight of our lunch was having my childhood dream come true as Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Belle went to our table. The princesses talked with me, signed my autograph book, and took a picture with me. (OK, so I may have been the only adult getting these signatures and pictures). As our journey around the world continued, we dreamed about traveling to see these beautiful landmarks in person one day. It was blissful, fun, and thrilling to imagine such trips.

We were back on the road after leaving EPCOT. At this point we were both pretty tired from being up so early and I realized we weren’t going home…especially when we took the highway going the opposite direction from my house! (hehe) I knocked out in the car ride and woke up at BestBuy. My phone was nearly dead from exhausting the camera feature all morning and I had forgotten my charger. Jun brought me to BestBuy to buy a charger just for my car. Of course, whenever we’re at BestBuy we can’t just purchase one thing and leave. We’re both pretty tech-y so we enjoyed looking at some of the latest gizmos and gadgets. I even found something useful for my classroom!

The next surprise was a scheduled massage. With all of my neck and shoulder aches lately it was as if he knew JUST what I needed. I was completely relaxed from my massage and didn’t think much about anything else.

After the massage Jun put a blindfold on me and started driving. While on the road, I tried to verbally navigate our route. I attempted to predict each turn as to where we were going. I guessed this park, that garden, here, there and everywhere! Of course, I was completely off.

When Jun finally parked the car, he asked me to wait for a bit while he got out of the car. ALL of my senses were heightened and tuned. I could hear the water, cars, and people yet I couldn’t figure out where we were. My thoughts were quickly sliced as my suspicion rose and my nerves began to take over. Excitement, nervousness, joy, and fear were all wrapped up into one huge ball of energy within me. I began to freak out while waiting- I wasn’t dressed up, my make-up had melted away, my body was oily from the massage, and my hair wasn’t blow-dried or straightened. I was pretty vulnerable. Jun then opened my door and started to guide me and immediately that stuff just didn’t really matter anymore.

Image 4 of Daphne and Abner

While walking, I could hear the creaks of the wood and realized I was on a dock. Fifteen feet in, I realized we were at a special park-which solidified ALL of my suspicions. I thought, “Of course!! Why didn’t I think of this place??” This particular park is very significant to us because it’s where we first hung out as friends back in 2008, and where he first verbalized his love for me on our one-year anniversary of dating in 2011.

As I walked down the rest of the boardwalk my heart was pounding. He had me stand for a few moments and I could tell he was setting a blanket down. Jun sat me down and the blindfold was taken off. When I opened my eyes…the sun BLINDED me!! Before Jun could continue, we had to take a few moments to readjust my eyes. When I could finally see, I saw him sitting in front of me with a homemade scrapbook in his hand. I felt overwhelmed with so many emotions I can’t even begin to describe how I felt that moment. He read to me from this story-like book that showed the journey of our relationship in numerous pictures.

“This is a story of two very different people…

Who met in the most unlikely places…

And became the best couple ever!

They went to many places…

and made many memories.”

While analyzing each picture on every page we reminisced how we met, looked back on our pre-dating friendship of two years, laughed at the early days in our dating relationship, and relived numerous traveling adventures and memories. He soon turned to a page that said,

“But one day, the guy realized there was a memory he wanted that he didn’t have.

So, to get that memory, he decided to plan a special day.

A day where they would both do many special things.”

I was then in utter SHOCK because the pictures on this page reflected the activities we had done earlier that day!! I wondered, “How did he get that on there so fast??” It even showed Jun setting up our picnic in the clothes he was currently wearing!! I was seriously in awe.

The book continued,

“Towards the later afternoon of that day the guy looked for a nice place that both

of them could relax at.

He set up a picnic area where both of them could sit…

Then he asked the girl to stand so that he could play her a song…”

Image 3 of Daphne and AbnerJun stood me up, then with his ukulele in his lap he serenaded me with Aubrey’s “Perfect Two” and continued with “The Question” by the Old 97’s. While he was singing I was overwhelmed with so much joy, gratitude, and excitement. This was a day I had dreamed about my entire life and it was ACTUALLY happening. My eyes began to tear up as I admired him and his role in our entire relationship. I knew that God had created, crafted, and nurtured this amazing man just for me.

After Jun finished playing, he reached into the basket and with the most beautiful ring he bent down on one knee…

Jun tenderly expressed how much he loved me and followed up with the four sweetest words in a question,

“Will you marry me?”

I immediately threw my arms around his neck and into a warm embrace. I whispered in his ear, “Of course!! I would love to!!”

As if the day couldn’t be any more perfect, I was surprised with an intimate group of family and close friends awaiting to celebrate this milestone with us.

The day was ending and I was overwhelmed with every possible emotion. How could Jun have orchestrated everything so perfectly? I know it took energy, time, and effort. Only a man so suited for me could have made this day absolutely flawless.

With our past, present and future now before us, we solicit your prayers as we continue our journey. Although excitement fills our souls as we start this process, we are humbled with the blessings God has poured upon us. Together as seekers of God’s heart, we pray that our relationship brings glory to His name only and our combined talents will further His work.

Image 5 of Daphne and Abner