Daphaney and Sebastien

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How We Met

We met doing charity work for UN Refugees back in 2011. My first day there, we had a group meeting, and in a crowded room; I felt as though our eyes immediately fell upon each other. We both smiled, then looked away ackwardly. Following the meeting, there was a team building event at a local restaurant. He introduced himself, found an empty seat next to mine, and we chatted about the Heat and Lakers game playing onscreen. We talked, more so argued a bit about basketball, and laughed along the way. Towards the end of the night, we realized that we both would be taking the same train home. The conversation flowed through lengthy train delays that no longer became noticeable to us. It felt as though I reunited with an old friend.

how they asked

My engagement night began as a date night on Broadway. We were going to see the production of Cinderella, starring Keke Palmer. In front of the theater, his friend, who worked with the production, hands us tickets to the show, and then invites us to a press conference backstage following the show. We agreed, and I was so pumped!!!

Following the show, we were escorted backstage. No one was in sight. I gave it no thought, as I knew they probably needed more time to change out of their costumes. So I whip out my phone, to of course, take selfies of myself on a Broadway stage! I walk to the front of the stage, in utter awe of the moment. I turn around to my now-fiance like “Baby isnt this great?!”

And there he was, getting down on one knee. He took my hand, began to say my full name, and I completely fell apart. Of course I said yes!

Minutes later, Keke Palmer joined in on the fun with us.

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