Danyon and Joshua

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Both, Virginia and Florida

How We Met

We met on Sunday. July 20, 2014 at an Orlando Resort named Bonnet Creek Wyndham. Joshua was with his family on vacation from Virginia and I was there seeing family friends visiting in from New York. I had escaped to the lazy river to swim some laps and enjoy some time to myself. About an hour in, I feel these eyes piercing me from behind, so I turned and BAM! I come face to face with the most handsome man I had ever seen. His sea-green eyes captured me in that moment and then he smirked, it was one of those smirks where butterflies erupt in your stomach and your heart speeds up. After that moment, I swam on till he got out of the lazy river and yelled, “I AM GOING TO THE HOT TUB,” and looked my way. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was already following him. We ended up talking for about an hour till I had to leave, but from that single conversation, our hearts both planted the seed, that allowed our love to blossom. *Fun Fact: I talked about “Josh from Virginia” the entire week till I saw him again that Thursday Our first kiss was also on that Thursday, July 24, 2014, I had come back to the resort after leaving previously from meeting Joshua.

I ran to the lazy river, hoping I would find him there waiting, but to my demise, he wasn’t. I ended up swimming laps, waiting it out to see if he would come. Around 1pm, I decided to head back to the room we were staying in with our family friends, when I see the those familiar eyes and matching smirk beaming at me from the lazy river. My eyes widened and I quickly ran into the water. I then found out his father surprised him with a fishing trip or he would have been there sooner. After awhile we got out of the lazy river and headed to another one of the pools at the resort. Our conversations stuck to the typical “getting to know you” questions, but I was so surprised by how easy and familiar talking to him felt. It was like I knew him my whole life. Time passes on, we were resting on the pool edge, I feel him smiling at me, so I turn my head. Little did I know that he had actually went in to kiss my cheek, but since I turned, his lips touched mine briefly. My face blushed and so did his; both of us smiling like little goofballs. We didn’t kiss again till later that night when we were sitting on this cute little bench swing, that overlooked the pond. We had been watching, what we could see of, the Disney fireworks. We had been talking about everything and anything, when I looked over at him and this feeling over took us… It was that movie moment where time stops. He leans in, I lean in, and our lips meet. Then out of nowhere, the rain that had been forecasted all day, finally fell from the sky as if it was magic.

Where to Propose in Both, Virginia and Florida

how they asked

Joshua and I have a very unusual proposal story, one that consists of two proposals for one huge reason: We were in a committed long distance from day one of our relationship. Our first proposal was while I was up in Virginia visiting Joshua and his family for New Years, my goal was to claim that adorable and cliché New Years Ever kiss and start 2016 by his side rather than on Skype like the year before. Our one and a half year anniversary was coming up, but since it was in January, we wouldn’t be together for it.

​On December 29, 2015, he decided to take me out to take me out on a nice fancy dinner date in honor of that special day. We went to this cute little Italian restaurant named Savio’s; the food was amazing and the atmosphere was so romantic! After our amazing date, we headed back to his house to watch a few Christmas movies. When we get in the door, Joshua walks off and I head into his bedroom to change, but he then yells out of nowhere, “Hey beautiful, please get something out of my lock box for me?” So I shrugged my shoulders and headed that way. When I unlock and look inside, a little note is sitting on top; I start to read, “I think I wanna marry you.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Both, Virginia and Florida

My heart beat quickened and my eyes started watering; I turn around and Joshua is on one knee with a ring in hand. He goes on to ask me to marry him Me: “Of Course!” Joshua: “Yea?! You will marry me?” Me: “Yes! Of course!” The distance finally ended, 22 months worth of miles were behind us, on May 31, 2016 and I helped him move down to FL at the end of June. On July 26, 2016, Joshua re-asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful Tuesday night and he had taken me to the beach, so we could enjoy a nice walk together. We had stopped at one point when I see a heart drawn in the sand with rose petals around it. I commented on how cute that was and started imagining what took place there. We walk over to it to get a closer look and he suddenly stops us dead set in the middle, my heart starts racing again, and he gets down on one knee.

He re-asks me to marry him with thee cutest speech about our journey in the distance strengthened us. I then notice my little cousin recording and snapping photos of the event. He knew my dream proposal included my family and seeing them after he asked again, was such an amazing feeling. But the best part was that he asked me on the beach where my Grandpa’s ashes were spread into the ocean, those years back. My Grandpa was very important and still is to me, having him there while Joshua re-asked me was such a blessing. The whole thing was such a touching moment for me, I am so blessed for the fact that God gave me such a good man that listens to my hopes and dreams… but then he also makes sure they are accomplished! With the two proposals, his family and my family both were able to be there and enjoy this special moment in our lives together.

Special Thanks

Summer Zloch | 
Took the video and photos
Danyon ZLoch