Danyelle and Greg

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How We Met

In college, Greg and I both worked at our university’s rec center. One Wednesday night, I was doing my rounds on the facility (I worked as an EMT) and got to talking to the fitness center staff. Next thing I know, it was closing time. I had spent my ENTIRE shift in the fitness center, listening to Greg’s stories! He admits that from that shift forward, he would prepare stories throughout the whole week leading up to our Wednesday night shift so that I would stay around for as long as possible. It worked! This continued every Wednesday night for the rest of the semester, and we have been together ever since!

Proposal Ideas Washington D.C.

how they asked

Fast forward nearly 3 years; he now works in northern Virginia as a teacher and I am in grad school in D.C. One weekend that I was planning to visit him, I get a text saying to pack “cute fall clothes” as he had planned something for us to do, which was fairly typical of him. On Saturday morning, I was waken up bright and early at 8 am to Greg holding a photo album. Confused, I open up the first page. It was empty. He tells me that he has a surprise for me every 15 minutes until noon, when we had lunch reservations. The first “surprise” photo: him and I in our recreation center uniform from the semester we started dating. As the minutes went by, the album began to fill with chronological memories of our entire relationship together.

At noon, we went to lunch in Georgetown, and afterward began walking along a canal that cuts through the city. We stumbled upon an old abandoned bridge and walked out to the ledge to take in the scenery. Suddenly, he looked at me, and started saying something cute. At that moment, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone run over and crouch down… That was when he said to me “I have one more photo to add to the album” and got down on his knee…

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