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The game of Jenga that started it all… ​Happy. Surprised. Shocked. Excited. ENGAGED. Just some of the emotions I felt on the night the best person in the world asked me to be his forever. Since being engaged I have told the story of “how they asked” many times and each time I tell it I get butterflies all over again. People have asked how I couldn’t have suspected anything, and I honestly was just so excited Andrew was finally able to make out to my happy place (aka the river) there was nothing else on my mind but that. For those who know me well, my family and even further, my river family is a huge part of my life and why I am who I am. So Andrew meeting them was so exciting! I will never forget the look on his face when he hopped in the water with his goggles on and said “Oh my gosh it is so clear, I love it!” Seeing him having a great time out on the water with everyone just made my heart burst with happiness. Little did I know he had so much more planned for the night. We got back to the house and he insisted I shower, even get dressed and put on makeup… As I explained we don’t get ready out at the river, he proceeded to put on a button up shirt… I know, how did I still not know? Well for those of you who don’t know, Andrew is a “fashion icon” so I didn’t think it was suspicious that he wanted to look nice. It’s about 9:30 p.m. when we all finish eating dinner and we all go downstairs and play beer pong. We get downstairs and there are no balls, so I ran upstairs to go get some. I get down and a Jenga game is set up.(Andrew and I first met playing giant Jenga) And STILL, I am completely oblivious. Everyone is gathered around watching as Andrew and I are the only ones playing this giant game of Jenga. I didn’t even notice people were watching, except Shawna who was taking pictures like crazy, which is pretty standard. ​ We wrote a few rules on the Jenga pieces then he wrote one I would never forget. It said “will you marry me” and he started getting down on one knee. It was not until that moment he showed me the Jenga piece and started getting down on one knee that I knew what was going on. I couldn’t breathe for a good hour or so (neither could my mom). I had never been so happy and surprised in my entire life. Thank you to my family, best friends (shout out to Lauren and Aryssa who drove 3 ½ hours to come be there for the proposal and a shout out to Andrew for calling them so they could be there), river family and of course, my fiance for a night I will never forget. You make me feel so incredibly loved every single day and I cannot wait to continue this journey called life as your wife. ​Cheers to my future husband, Andrew Neely. You rock my world, babe.

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