Danny and Shannon

how they asked: That weekend My Fiancee’s cousin called me and asked if I would go to a banquet with her on Sunday Evening. I told her I don’t have anything to wear, but i’ll come up with something. When I got to her hotel, she got ready and told me to wait in the lobby and someone would escort me to the banquet. Five minutes later someone came to escort me and he told me we have to take the back way due to construction. We walked for about five minutes and he took me outside and told me to go a head.

I walked in and I realize this was not a banquet. I saw him waiting for me at the gazebo and I heard music playing in the background. I then realize this was my proposal. I was shocked and tearing up as I waled closer to the gazebo area. He reached out for my hand and got me up to the gazebo with him.

Image 1 of Danny and Shannon

He started tearing up and I’m shaking. He got down on one knees and said “will you be mine forever”. I exclaimed “yes!” with tears and excitement all at once. This is a moment I will cherish forever!