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how we met

I met Samantha Leigh Davis (soon to be Harrington) when I was 15 years old. My sister was very involved with theatre when she was younger and she got a part in a play at the Arkansas Arts Center. I went with my mom to pick her up after a rehearsal one night and saw this breathtaking girl walk out before her. After I saw her I knew that I had to meet her. I creepily inquired about her name to my 11 year old sister, then the internet stalking commenced… I found her on Facebook and quickly “friended” her.

We began messaging back and fourth and found that we had a lot in common. Before I go on I want you to know that I promise that I am not creepy, I just wanted to do whatever I could to get to know her. Anyways, we kept talking for a few months on AIM and texting like any other normal preteens. We both liked each other, but being a 15 and a 14 year old and also coming from different schools, we lost contact.

Cut forward five years, I was working at a coffee shop run by a couple of friends. I was out back tending to the fire when I saw a familiar face. There she was standing in the fire light, my future wife. I walked up to her and simply said, “Sam?” She replied with a reluctant, “Yes?” She obviously had no clue who I was so I explained myself, “Its Danny, Danny Harrington.” She then realized who I was and we proceeded to reminisce. We talked about how long it had been, how much we both had grown, and how good it was to see each other. After we talked we both said goodbye and she left. She was attending school 5 hours away so I didn’t think she would be interested in seeing me again, but I knew then that I had to do whatever I could to see her again, much like the feeling I had when I was a 15 year old boy. I messaged her on Facebook and we started talking again, just like old times. Through the next month or so we talked about how much had changed and how crazy life had been for the both of us. I finally got the courage to ask her on a date. She agreed and we did the cliche dinner and a movie date. I knew that night that I would fall in love with her, and I was right.

how they asked

We had been dating for about two years when the time and situation allowed for me to buy her a ring. I made a secret Pinterest so that I could search her “Dream Wedding” board and through months of searching I found the one. I then talked to our friend who is a photographer who had taken pictures of us once before. I told her to message Samantha and say that she needed a couple to pose for a Christmas style photo shoot. Samantha was so excited, but literally had no clue. We arrived at the shoot (which I had been setting up lights for all day) and I was so nervous I could puke… Then the time came. I knelt down and tried to muster up all the lines and feelings I had planned on expressing. She was in shock, but quickly said yes. I would venture to say that I am the luckiest man in the entire world. I have found the one whom I want to spend my entire life with. The one who I want to wake up next to every morning. The one I want to fight with and fight for. She is my everything and I could not be happier.

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