Kadie and Danny

Image 1 of Kadie and Danny

How We Met

I met Danny in September of 2013 at a mutual friends house. Danny knew I was coming to their house that day but I was left in the dark and didn’t know they were trying to introduce us that day. I didn’t talk to him the entire day, all we did was exchange a quick smile and “HEY”. After hanging out for a few weeks with our mutual friends at their house, we finally started dating October 1, 2013 and few weeks later went on our first date without friends to the movies. Ever since we met and started hanging out in late September we have been inseparable.

how they asked

On March 25th, 2016 the day before my 24th birthday, we took a day trip to Charleston,SC. I was thinking we were going to be like any other tourist that would go site seeing and eat at a nice seafood restaurant. When we finally made it down to Charleston we just drove around looking for a parking place and I kept seeing all kinds of places to park and was just looking out the window letting Danny do his thing til I finally mentioned the parking garage near where we were and just told him to go there because it was pretty much in the middle of where we were going to go walk around.

When we finally parked and walked away from the car Danny mentioned that he forgot his “money” and that he would go back and get it while I waited on him. We started walking up behind the ‘American Theater’ which was where some of my favorite movie “The Notebook” was filmed and Danny started telling me history and the scenes from the movie that was filmed there I was in awe but somewhat confused.

Image 2 of Kadie and Danny

He told me to stand in front of the theater and he would take my picture so I could say I had been where the movie was filmed. So I stood under the sign while he was across the street taking my picture, little did I know that I was standing under a sign that read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME KADIE?”.

Image 3 of Kadie and Danny

After he snapped the picture he told me to come and read the sign over my head I was shocked and immediately started giggling and crying. When I finally made it across the street to where Danny was he dropped down to one knee and held up the ring I had always dreamed of receiving from the love of my life.

Image 4 of Kadie and Danny