Danny and Elyse

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How we met:Danny and I met at JetBlue Airways where he is a pilot and I am a flight attendant. We had seen each other a few times in the employee lounge but only shared googly eyed glances. Finally, after the third time seeing each other I went up and introduced myself to Danny and offered him cinnamon bear candy. We instantly connected and would talk for hours before our flights. He ended up asking me out the next day for our first date in New York City. We were inseparable after that and for the next year and a half we traveled the world together and fell head over heels for each other.

how they asked: Danny planned a trip to Paris because he said he wanted to see where I used to live when I studied there a few years prior. Thinking it was just another fun trip to add to our list, I had no idea that Danny had been preparing this trip for months; hiring a hidden photographer, planning the perfect spot, having our moms help buy his proposal clothes (!) and taking multiple flights to ask my parents permission. Danny said he had a fancy lunch planned by the Eiffel Tower and bought me a new dress in New York to wear for it. When we arrived at Trocadero Plaza we started walking in circles and I started to get confused, not knowing we were waiting for our photographer and Danny to coordinate the perfect spot. All of a sudden, Danny got down on one knee and said the most amazing words that I have ever heard. “Will you marry me?”

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Image 3 of Danny and ElyseI will never forget that moment for the rest of my life or the precious look on my Danny’s face when he asked. The surprises continued the rest of the trip. We had dinner in the Eiffel Tower, an engagement photo session all over Paris and he had pre-engraved locks to put on love lock bridge! It was a completely magical trip and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with Danny!

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Photography by Pictours Paris