Alexandra and Danny

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and I was visiting my family in Sydney 5 years ago. My uncle was having a surprise birthday which Danny was invited too as well. Well, that’s all it took, one look at me in my dress at the surprise party! After that Danny asked around about me and ended up texting me and asking me out on a date – and the rest was history.

How They Asked

A couple of months leading up to the proposal, Danny mentioned that his boss entered him in an award for “Project Manager of the Year NSW”, he went on and said there would be an awards show and gala to follow in October. About a month went by, and he called me in a panic saying there would be an interview! He was so nervous about this and was actually thinking of backing out of the awards process. He mentioned that I would be asked questions as well, which made me nervous; but I know this was an amazing opportunity for him so I did my best to encourage and support him.

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Me, being a total google-er, I googled the award title and tried to see what company was presenting this honor, when I couldn’t find anything I called Danny and asked him for this information. He proceeded to send the invitation and the list of interview questions.

The day of the interview finally came around on 31st July 2018. We went to The Rocks and took a walk along the pier, the interview was at 530 and I was eager to go upstairs to Grazie MCA restaurant.
We went upstairs and met Tania, the person conducting the interview.

The interview was very brief and quick, we were then directed by Tania to head to another room which was the “Media Room” to take pictures of us in case Danny won the award to use in a magazine.
As we walked in, I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw the “Marry Me” sign lit up in a beautiful golden color. I. WAS. SPEECHLESS.

The night was followed by our own private photoshoot around the harbor and upstairs inside the restaurant.

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So it turns out, the whole story about an award and interview was all made up by Danny! And the invitation and interview questions that he received were created by Tania aka the interviewer but actual AKA the event planner for My Proposal Co.

Danny and the My Proposal Co. team did a stellar job in surprising me, their hard work made for an unforgettable and unique proposal and memory and story that transcends generations.

Special Thanks

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