Dannon and Haydon


How We Met

Over two years ago, my spring semester in my freshman year at Baylor, my sorority had our first date event and I was so nervous of who to ask. It was a “crush” event, which means that each girl takes two guys and you eat and do whatever the activity is. This year, it was a fiesta at the marina on campus. I had met a guy in my life group bible study at my church, Garrett, and I invited him to come with me and told him to just bring a friend. He brought Haydon, and that day at the marina taking pictures and playing games started our little friendship. After that, we studied together, talked all summer, and he asked me to be his girlfriend on our first date where he made me grilled cheese and sweet potato fries. The rest is 2 years of laughter and friendship in dating that has led to the rest of our lives!

how they asked

I go to Baylor University, and live with three of my best friends, Hannah, Melissa, and LeAnne. Right before Thanksgiving break, they organized a roommate photo shoot on campus to document our last semester all together since Hannah was graduating in December. I thought nothing of it because we had talked about it all semester and I was excited that we were finally making it happen. I had a super busy week and rushed home from finishing a test to get ready for our photo-shoot. We got to campus, and took some really cute pictures while exploring all of the “classic Baylor” spots. I was already feeling super sentimental because my heart was so happy to be at my favorite place with my favorite people.




Then, our photographer mentioned that the marina had great lighting and we should go there. I was excited because I love the marina and I have so many great memories there. Again, I thought nothing of it because it is a beautiful area and everyone was so chill about it.


We got there and continued taking pictures for a while, when I turned around and I saw Haydon standing a couple feet from us smiling at me. I was so stunned. I honestly think I just stood there with my mouth wide open because I knew then what must be happening and man, I was so excited.


My roommates turned to me and read me the sweetest letters of encouragement and prayed over me and then I walked on the shakiest legs to my future husband (ah!).



He walked me up the hill where literally all of my favorite people were. There were his roommates, his closest friends and mine, our siblings, and then our parents. I was so blown away and overwhelmed because this was not at all how I thought this day was going to go.



We walked towards each group and they read us letters and prayed for us and our lives together. It meant so much to me because I love writing letters and to me, the sweetest gifts are letters from the people I love. I can’t remember all the words that were said because I was just so caught off guard by the entire thing, but they were the sweetest moments holding Haydon’s hand and hearing our dearest friends and family speak life over us.









After we made it through all of that, he took me to this hill right by the water and read me his own letter, which was the sweetest of all.





Then he got down on one knee and proposed! Ah! I have never been happier to kiss and hug him in my life. Afterwards, we celebrated with dinner and a surprise engagement party at my house. I felt so loved and it was the sweetest most wonderful day ever. I am so excited for a life full of love, surprises, and adventure with my best friend!











Special Thanks

Ellie Thorne