Daniyaal and Mahnoor

How We Met

To me, our story is one of a kind. Daniyaal and I met out of surprise through mutual friends. I was 18 and I had never had been in a relationship and neither had he. I was a little skeptical on dating because I put my focus more on my education and my building career. On top of that, we both lived in different states- with me being in Georgia and him being in South Carolina. But, when we exchanged numbers it turned to be something else. We texted for a couple of days keeping it at that until he called me one night at around 2 am and told me he wanted to get to know more about me. We both sat next to each other on the phone, falling asleep as we got to know more about one another. We both felt an instant connection that night. He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with someone like me. The next day I woke up and continued to be skeptical about this- “should I pursue this?” “Do I really want my first relationship to be a long distance?”. After thinking about it for a couple of hours I thought why not. This guy was something special and I didn’t wanna lose something that could be so great (and I was right).

I was scared of telling my parents about this as well- coming from a brown family it’s harder to speak to your parents about this but my parents never made me feel as if I couldn’t come to them for anything. They always told me if I ever found anyone to let them know and I did. They were happy but wanted me to focus more on my career and education. We brought our families together to meet and it was wonderful. About 2 years had gone by and Daniyaal and I would visit one another here and there. It was hard, very hard. I’d see him after a couple of weeks and sometimes even months. I wish I had a dollar for all the “do you trust him being that far?” And my answer would always be, absolutely. Our schedules got busier as the school semester would start, with that balancing our family and friends as well. Every time I’d feel a hint of emotion or sadness he’d always be there and would shield me from any amount of pain that came my way. 3 more years went by and he became my light, backbone, support system and best friend. Don’t get me wrong, we had our arguments here and there and nothing was perfect but we’d always try to make it perfect. My grandmother always told me “If you fight, then you’re doing something right. It means you care”. And that’s always been stuck in my head.

He showed me that not every single piece has to exist in order to create something beautiful. That love can be found and even created within the most broken, lost or imperfect people. And he’d always promise me that our love would be just as beautiful. Whether we’re in a thousand pieces or just one.

After almost being in a long distance relationship for 6 years, we both moved up in our career and starting to see that things were going the right direction.

How They Asked

May 19th, 2019. My family planned to visit his family for a nice dinner. The day before the meeting was a weird day. I had done my own nails and my sister and mom come up at me telling me how I should professionally get them done as I was seeing Daniyaal after months, and of course, I agreed. I got a nice dress and pampered myself since I hadn’t seen him in a while. When we drove out and got to their house his brother came down and greeted everyone and then said that he needed to go to Best Buy to return a product as it was the last day. So, all of us got into one car and drove to Best Buy. I was angry at Daniyaal. I was tired from the 3-hour drive and he’s taking me to Best Buy when I hadn’t seen him in months? When we got there, my siblings and his brother suggested that we go to the park to wander around. Note: it was Ramadan so we were all fasting. That made me even angrier. I was like “Daniyaal, why are you taking me to the park when I’m fasting? We’re all fasting.” He remained calm as best as he could even despite my behavior. We walked down to the lake and I was taking a panorama of the lake. Right when I turned to face him, there he was on one knee asking me to marry him.

Best day of my life.