Danitza and Roy

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I know my then boyfriend since we were very little. I hadn’t seen him for over 10 years. Then we saw each other at a bbq at my aunts house. We started talking every time we saw each other at one get together or another. After helping me move 2 times in less then 6 months we final 2014ly went on our first date on Christmas day. A year later we found ourselves very in love. It was Christmas morning 2015 and I decided to go downstairs. Our tree was placed in direct view from the stairs. Ours only has green, red and vintage gold colors for decoration. As I walked down the stairs I noticed something shiney and blue right in the middle on the tree. Roy had placed a large blue ornament on our tree. With white pearly letters written on it that said, “Danitza will you marry me?” And the engagement ring was placed on top of it being held by the ornaments hook. I couldnt believe it. Shocked I only stared at him and pointed at the ornament. I couldnt say anything. Soon i couldnt anything either. Tears were just pouring out. I just wanted him to hold me. No one was around to take pictures, but it was just perfect❤ with my crazy wavey out of control long hair, pjs and no makeup. It was the best most creative act of love and it was done for me. We are very blessed.

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