Danika and David

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lincoln Park Brige, Chicago IL

Dave and Danika met in Portland Oregon while slinging margaritas and Nachos at a Tequila bar. They quickly fell in love over their passion of the mountains and need for adventure. Dave’s family lived in the Chicago area, and on a trip to see them, convinced Danika to move to the city! Their first trip to Chicago, they found the Lincoln park bridge, which overlooked the city and made them excited for their new adventure. Two years after living in the city, Danika’s family was visiting for the holidays. Dave suggested they walk around the Lincoln park zoo, to see zoo lights! When they arrived, Dave kept mentioned a spot he wanted to show Danika…soon they arrived back at their bridge! Danika turned around (after taking in the city views) and saw Dave on one knee, pouring his heart out, while trying to hold back tears, and asked her to Marry him! This was not only special because of the bridge, but because Danika’s family was in town to celebrate the love!!

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