Danielle and Ryan

How We Met

In 3rd grade, Ryan and his family moved to Louisiana and he was the new student in my class. On one of his first days, he farted really loud in class by accident (poor thing was probably so embarrassed). After that moment, Ryan was “the kid that farted that one time in class.” Three years later, he came back after summer break and was SO cute! He had the Justin Bieber haircut and everything! We would chat on AIM because we didn’t have cell phones, and one day he asked me to be his girlfriend on AOL Instant Messenger and I said yes! That year, our class went to the beach for our field trip. He kissed me on the cheek on the very first day of the trip, which was a huge scandal for us 6th graders! 10 years later, he brought me back to the same beach and asked me to be his wife.

how they asked

I met this man back in 3rd grade. Back then, he was just another boy that had cooties. In 6th grade, we started “dating” and we went on a school field trip to Gulf Shores where he kissed me on the cheek, which was a VERY scandalous event among my 6th-grade peers. With each year that passed, we grew closer together as a couple. We went to separate colleges because it was very important to both of us to follow our dreams. Through our college career, we drove the 5 hours to see each other when we could. I drove in to visit in October, and I walked in and he told me we were going somewhere. I thought that meant that we were going to eat. Well, I was wrong! He wouldn’t tell me where we were going but fast forward 4 hours and we rolled up to Gulf Shores. We went for a walk on the beach and I knew something was up.

He stopped me and explained why we were there. He told me that in 6th grade, this is where our journey started. We were on the same beach where he kissed me on the cheek 10 years ago! He said that this seemed like the right place to start the next chapter of our lives. Right there, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the best moment because of how special it was! 10 years ago, 6th grade me would have never thought that my cute boyfriend at the time would grow to love me unconditionally and bring me back to the place we started to ask me to be his wife, but I am so glad he did!