Danielle and Chris

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Greenville, SC

How We Met

We met at a marketing agency in downtown Greenville. This was the first full-time job out of college for both of us. Chris joined the company two weeks after me, and we became fast friends! Two years later, I actually planned the first date! Chris’s favorite animals are cats of any size, so I arranged a behind-the-scenes tour of a local Safari Park. We toured the park during the day, and then grabbed some pizza for dinner. The real surprise came after the park closed, when we got exclusive access to the park with the owner’s son, and got to see the big cats up close, and even fed them dinner!

Proposal Ideas Greenville, SC

how they asked

My friend led me right into the setup: A man in the park in downtown Greenville asked us to join the audience of his little show. He started on about how he had a two-man show, but he couldn’t find his partner. Chris came walking out with a vintage suitcase saying he had forgotten about the show, and that he was going to travel the world instead.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Greenville, SC

The guy asked Chris what all he had packed in this tiny case. It was a British accent instructional CD (an old disc of mine we love to practice in the car, although we have TERRIBLE accents), his raggedy old jacket (that I hate) and a stuffed Bulldog (from the MINI club).

Danielle's Proposal in Greenville, SC

The guy told him he was terribly unprepared, and he should definitely take someone with him. After asking a few folks in the audience if they wanted to go, he asked me if I’d like to travel the world with this man, to which I said “I would love to.”

I got up there, and he took the ring box out of the suitcase and got down on one knee! We immediately headed off on our “trip,” which started with a nearby lunch reservation at my favorite spot.

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