Danielle and Zach

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How We Met

I worked at a pharmaceutical company in Morgantown, WV for about a year. While working there, I saw a really cute guy, but he didn’t seem to be interested in me. In July 2015, I moved up to Canonsburg, PA to work at the company’s corporate headquarters. I sent a message to a friend who was still based in Morgantown on the company’s instant messenger system, but it turns out that cute guy had her computer instead. He saw my picture pop up on her screen. She sent me a text and told me that Zach Johnson was on her computer. She sent me a picture of him, and I told her how cute he was. What I didn’t know was at the same time she and I were texting, he was telling her about how cute he thought I was. She hinted to him that he should message me.

Later on, Zach messaged me and we started chatting. He worked up the nerve to ask me out on a date and by the end of the week, we went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game together. While we were at the game, he told me how he saw me around the Morgantown plant and thought I was really pretty. He also mentioned that after the first time he saw me in the parking lot, he had recruited his department’s intern to stalk my Facebook page to make sure it was me. After the game, we went for a walk along the river. We sat on the river bank and talked for an hour. When we got up to walk back to our cars, fireworks were let off across the river.

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how they asked

We were going on vacation with my family to Walt Disney World a few weeks after our 1 year anniversary. We had decided that each couple would go on a “date night” on different nights during the week so we could all get a little more alone time. Zach went to WDW a lot with his family as a child, so I let him plan our date night, which was going to be on Sunday June 24, 2016. Zach had decided that was the perfect time to pop the question. He planned a dinner for as at the California Grill, which is on top of the Contemporary Resort.

The restaurant overlooks the Magic Kingdom. We started off the day going to Hollywood Studios with my family but left early to go back to the hotel to get ready. We then went to the Contemporary and explored. We went to the restaurant and were seated right beside the windows, where I had a perfect view of Cinderella Castle. After our meal, a gentleman placed a plate with a silver dome in front of me and told me it was a special dessert from the chef. When he lifted the dome, I saw a crystal slipper surrounded by flower petals with a chocolate plaque that read “Will you marry me?”.

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Zach then asked me to marry him. After I said yes and he put the ring on my finger, he slid a chair over and the fireworks started over the castle.

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