Danielle and Yannic

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chateau Elan Winery in Georgia

How We Met

Yannic and I met while we were in college back in 2015. I was at the University of Alabama and he was at The University of Montevallo on a soccer scholarship, all the way from Germany. We met one night at a popular restaurant and bar, called Innisfree in Tuscaloosa during the spring of Junior year and the rest was history. We both moved to Atlanta, GA together to pursue our careers and start “adulting.”

How They Asked

Fast-forward 3 years, our love has grown stronger than ever and we knew we wanted to be together forever. Although we’ve dated for over 3 years, our parents have yet to meet because they live on different continents. Christmas of 2018 was projected to be extra-special because my parents will be joining Yannic and me for the first time in Germany so that both of our families can finally get to know each other. I was so excited about this, but I became even more eager because I was CONVINCED that we would get engaged in Germany with both of our families there. All my friends also got into my head telling me that it would happen then and that they were so excited for me. Oh, was I wrong!

December 8th was an exciting day because a friend of mine from Florida, who used to live in Atlanta, was coming to visit me and our Atlanta friends. I couldn’t wait to have the gang back together! We planned to go to a beautiful winery north of Atlanta, called Chateau Elan, where none of us had ever been. Unfortunately, Yannic was unable to go with us because he was scheduled to work an event during the weekend. I was so bummed because I really wanted to experience that beautiful place with him! But, work is work, and we decided we’d go together again in the springtime.

Danielle's Proposal in Chateau Elan Winery in Georgia

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chateau Elan Winery in Georgia

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Danielle and Yannic's Engagement in Chateau Elan Winery in Georgia

After brunch with my friends in Buckhead, we headed up to the winery. We were having a great time in the uber, singing and dancing all the way up (and probably annoying our uber driver!) and I was texting Yannic, telling him how I wished that he was with us.

We arrive at the winery and we are all stunned by how beautiful the drive up was! We walk into the beautiful and grand wooden doors, into the large foyer, and there is Yannic, standing at the top of a staircase (which looked JUST like Jack on the stair in the Titanic!) I immediately knew what was happening and started crying. As my friends all smiled and took photos of the surprise, I walked up to Yannic and met him at the top, and he dropped down on one knee and popped the question! Our friend Cory, who also was “not able” to join us at the winery, is a photographer and was there taking beautiful photos during the entire proposal! They all had me so fooled!

The last surprise was that my parents were there! They live in Florida I had literally just spoken to both of them on the phone before this had all happened. My mom was sending me photos of her dog by the Christmas tree, just to throw me off. Everyone was in on this and they all played a role in making this the best surprise of my life!

Yannic and I are so blessed to have the best friends and families in the world. It was such a special day with Yannic, and I was so happy to have our friends and my parents there. This will make our trip to Germany over Christmas even sweeter because we get to celebrate our engagement with both of our parents and his family in Germany! I can’t wait to be Mrs. Horn!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chateau Elan Winery in Georgia

Special Thanks

Cory Henry
 | Photographer