Danielle and Vic

Vic and I met in 2014 and 3 years later he asked me to spend forever with him! I was totally shocked he told me he was going to Maryland for the weekend for work. 6:30 on Saturday June 24th I woke up to drive him to the airport. I dropped him off and then carried on with the day. Hung out with my sister and her friend, got drinks and dinner with friends. My sister told me she wanted to have a photo shoot in the park, we took pictures In front of a fountain, I got hot and told her we needed to be done. We started walking towards the bar and then we found another fountain. When we got to the fountain we took a bunch more pictures. Slowly my sister started walking away and Vic started walking toward me. I immediately started crying, he wasn’t supposed to be there I dropped my off for his flight to Maryland. Through tears and heavy breathing I said yes. We then walked to the bar got drinks walked downstairs to the wine cellar where I was surprised again by every one we care about throwing a party for us!

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Danielle and Vic's Engagement in Winter Park Florida

Danielle's Proposal in Winter Park Florida

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Danielle Crecco
Danielle Crecco
Danielle Crecco