Danielle and Tyler

How They Asked

Tyler said we were going to have a picnic at our spot which we have done every year that we have been together. And then we would go to Provincetown. So he had a friend take me shopping then was like just be ready so we can have sunset then drinks in “Ptown” and dinner at Anthoney Bourdain’s restaurant, ‘The Lobster Pot’. Then I got there and he had the picnic all set up and Tylers always sweet like that so I really didn’t know anything was up. There were seashells, cheese, wine, and pillows and blankets laid out.

He said, “know my favorite mermaid quote?” And I said, “Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a mermaid?” And he said, “yeah, can you keep a secret?” Then he had me close my eyes and then he wrote it in the sand and then carried me over and then I opened my eyes and was like “are you serious???” And I was shaking and crying and then I said: “did you ask my dad?” And he said “of course!! Well… will you?” Hahaha. He’s on one knee. And I said yes!! Then the photographer came out from the grass!

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Special Thanks

Joe Navas
 | Photographer