Danielle and Thomas

How We Met

When we were 21, We met in a bar during a Saint Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl. It had been hours since each of us had started drinking. He was with his friends, I was with my sister and some girlfriends- one of which happened to be his sister. they’d been trying to set us up for months but neither of us were interested in being set up with anyone. Once we actually did meet, there was instant chemistry and we were inseparable. We quickly bonded over a love of Philly sports, ice cream, camping and of course- dogs. Six years, a couple of dogs (that we may be a little too obsessed with), our dream home and a million memories later, we finally got engaged and are starting yet another adventure together.

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how they asked

It was the night before ‘friendsgiving’ and I’d been cooking and baking for hours. He kept wandering into the kitchen and giving me weird looks before wandering away. (apparently he was looking at my hands each time, which were completely submerged in different ingredients each time he came in) Once I’d finally finished the last of the food preparations, I went into the living room and plopped my tired body onto the couch in front of the TV to catch the end of the second period of the Flyers game. Tom comes in and sits next to me as the period is ending and mutes the tv. He pulls his guitar onto his lap, balancing a few messy scribbled scraps of paper on his knee, and and started to play a song that he wrote for me. The lyrics talk about how much he loves me, how he wants me to be his wife, and how he wants me to spend my life with him. By the end of the first line, I was crying, smiling ear to ear. Once the song was done, he put the guitar down, said ‘well that’s all I’ve got’ and then got down on one knee. It was easily one of the most amazing moments of my life as he slid the ring onto my finger. Another point worth noting is that the Flyers dominated that night and we got to celebrate not only getting engaged, but also a much needed win for our favorite team!

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