Danielle and Stephen

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Central Park NYC

How We Met

Stephen and I first saw each other when we were fifteen at a high school opening game at Met Life Stadium. It was just in passing, I was walking down the stadium stairs and he was walking up where he stopped me and asked my name. I was shy at the time, and he appeared older than me so I laughed and brushed him off. Little did I know, this would be the man I eventually would marry. And if you ask Stephen, he would tell you that he knew all along.

how they asked

Stephen and I had been talking about getting married since we were seventeen, so when Stephen told me we were going ring shopping the day after Thanksgiving I was excited and ready to start moving forward with the next step in our lives. (HELLO we had been together for almost nine years!!) We decided to go ring shopping in NYC and make a day of it. When we went to the store, Stephen had said he had an appointment, but it turned out he had not made one and the store was closing in 30 minutes. We were rushed through our session and I left feeling somewhat disappointed. Thankfully, Grand Central was right around the corner and my dad had recommended The Campbell Apartment, a romantic hidden bar nestled in Grand Central Station, to warm up and grab a drink. We sat down and were surrounded by towering ceilings and a room with low lighting and romantic old world vibes. We talked about past Thanksgiving and Christmas memories and found ourselves laughing until we cried. We really were just happy to be together and home for what was starting to feel like the beginning of the holiday season. Before we finished our drinks, Stephen’s sister texted us saying her and her two young sons were going to Wollman Rink in Central Park to ice skate and asked if we wanted to join. I was so down! I love ice skating and I had not been to Central Park since I was a young girl. We started walking towards Central Park and as we approached, The Plaza Hotel came into view. I started telling Stephen stories about being a young girl and having High Tea with my mom and great aunt in the Tea Room at The Plaza and times with my mom and dad taking horse and carriage rides as a toddler while covered in blankets with rosy cheeks trotting around New York City. The day was truly an amazing trip down memory lane. We walked into Central Park and it was bustling with people. We strolled hand and hand looking for the skating rink, but along the way became enamored with a bridge in the distance. We had to take a picture on it with The Plaza in the background. As we walked over the bridge, Stephen took me by the waist and we walked to a more secluded spot along the pond. Stephen looked me in the eyes, held me close and reminded me just how much he loved me, how he would always be standing right there beside me and how he would never let anything happen to me. Tears began to well up in his eyes and mine as I nervously blurted out “you’re scaring me!!” Before I knew it, he was getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him.

After screaming “THAT IS THE EXACT RING I WANTED” and taking it out of the box myself due to my excitement and anticlimactic ring shopping experience that morning, he reminded me I had an important question to answer. “So, is it a yes?” To which I answered, “YES, yes of course!”

Danielle's Proposal in Central Park NYC

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park NYC

Stephen surprised me afterwards with High Tea in the Tea Room at The Plaza Hotel with my parents and my best friend and her husband who flew in to surprise me. I was overwhelmed with excitement! The surprises were not over. The next afternoon, what I thought would be a small lunch with our immediate families turned into a surprise engagement party. This past weekend was unforgettable.