Danielle and Sho

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How We Met

Sho and I met 5 years ago on Tinder. We weren’t looking for anything serious but like the folks always say “things happen when you least expect it.” We moved in together 3 years later and have two fur babies.

How They Asked

For my birthday week, we decided to go to Hawaii. It was raining half the time we were there and COVID-19 just started in the US. All the fun activities we had planned on our trip got canceled and we only had the beach to make the most out of it. On the second to last day, we were in Hawaii, We drove all the way to the North Side to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach. Little did I know he was going to propose and apparently my family and his family knew the whole time! He asked me to spend forever with him and we watched the sunset. It was the best day of my life!