Danielle and Robert

How We Met

We met at work on my 4th day while volunteering and from the second I shook his hand I knew I was in trouble. I immediately had a crush on him and knew that I had to get to know him.

How They Asked

It was amazing! Bobby had told me about a month prior that one of his coworkers was having an engagement party at the restaurant next to our apartment building and we were invited. I didn’t have any plans that far in advance so said I’d love to go. We usually don’t have plans so it was a great excuse to get a little dressed up and have a fun night out! As that Friday approached, Bobby reminded me about the engagement party, which I forgot about, and to dress in cocktail attire. Since the party was at the restaurant next to our building, he mentioned that some of his coworkers wanted to come check out our place and have a beer on our rooftop first. Since I wasn’t ready by the time they came over, Bobby told me to just meet them up on the rooftop. So I did. But when I got there, his coworkers were nowhere in sight and there were rose petals lining the (long) pathway to where he was standing. In shock, I knew exactly what was about to happen and just kept telling myself “Oh my god!! You can’t blackout. Everyone says you blackout during the proposal and don’t remember anything. Focus. Don’t blackout” as I walked down what felt like a never-ending hallway. Well, luckily he kept what he said to me short and sweet because the moment he knelt down on one knee is a little fuzzy in my memory! I obviously said yes and was so happy and in shock in the moment that I didn’t even realize what the ring looked like until after he wrapped me up in his arms. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually looked at it and how beautiful it was. He had hired a photographer who had captured the entire proposal and had a bottle of champagne tucked away that we shared. This was all happening during sunset by the way, so the sky was absolutely gorgeous. It was so magical. To top it all off, he surprised me with both of our families at our favorite restaurant to all celebrate together (and neither of our families live close by). It was the best weekend ever!!



Special Thanks

Molly C. Photography
 | Photography