Danielle and Rob

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How We Met

My fiance and I had originally met through some friends when we were younger. She met me at our friend’s house, and i called her “dots”, because she looked so darn cute in her polka dot dress. When we met she was a freshman in high school and it was my first year in college. At this time she wanted nothing to do with me, she said I was way to old and not her style. I was heart broken because I thought she was the most beautiful girl, yet she didn’t want me. So life went on and I would ask about her, but she was doing her own thing. Fast forward a few years, our friends that had introduced us were getting married. Funny thing, I was the Best Man and “dots” was going to be the maid of honor. I was a little nervous because it had been like 5 years since I had even seen her. But the wedding came and went, as we talked for a little bit and then went our separate ways again. The newlyweds were on their honeymoon, and randomly “dots” texted them and said, “Hey Rob is pretty cute!” After the newlyweds read that, they texted me right away. I was in shock! I couldn’t believe this! So “dots” (Danielle) and I started texting. I would come down and visit our friends that got married and would hang out with Danielle at the same time. Reason I would come down to them was because I lived in Bakersfield, CA and they lived in Orange County, CA. Danielle and I talked and hung out for quite awhile and I finally asked her to be my girlfriend. I asked her out when she came up to Bakersfield to hang out with me. We were on my boat in the water on the lake nearby. We dated long distance for about 3 months and I decided to move her up to Bakersfield, because I couldn’t live days without her. I knew she was the one for me and I wanted to spend every chance i could with her. So fast forward to now, the last two years had flown by and we had grown closer together and I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to ask this beautiful girl to marry me. Now we are engaged and I couldn’t be happier!!

how they asked

I had surprised Danielle with a trip to Catalina Island, which was our very first date 2 years prior. I managed to get her family involved and as we were parasailing, I had her family hold a sign that said ” Danielle Cole will you marry me”.

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As we were pulled back into the boat she got to see the sign and instantly said yes.

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