Danielle and Peter

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How We Met

The first time I heard Peter’s name was through my brother-in-law telling me that I really needed to come meet this guy he was doing some business with because he was “really great”. I brushed it off, not even thinking twice about it. A couple weeks later my sister and brother-in-law were having some people over, Peter included.

I was 100% going to skip out on attending my sister’s get together because I was two weeks away from graduating college and was working crazy hours. I remember crawling into bed after work telling myself I was going to take a 20 minute nap before getting up to write a 30 page paper (#collegelife) when my mom wakes me up telling me to just go to my sister’s for a little bit. So I took my half asleep, no make-up self over to my sister’s.

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I vividly remember sitting on my sister’s couch watching Peter open her front door and walk into the house. He was very nicely dressed with the biggest smile you’ll ever see, but again, I really thought nothing of him. I noticed he kept trying to talk to me more than others the rest of the night but just thought he was being friendly.

By the end of the evening he asked for my number and thought we should meet for lunch to talk about his business opportunity, which I thought would be great because I was graduating soon and super open to new careers! He text me immediately that night as I was writing my paper and again, brushed it off.

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Next day, he writes me again. At this point, I am thinking “Okay, why do you keep writing me? I already told you we would meet at this day + time?” My mom said he just wanted to go on a date with me while my sister said he was just a friendly guy. I STILL thought nothing of it beings that he was 9 years older than me and we probably had “nothing in common”.

I meet Peter after class a few days after exchanging numbers. My college was 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and Peter was living in a condo on the strip at this time so I figured I would meet him for an hour and that would be that. As we were walking from his condo to lunch Peter straight up tells me he doesn’t want to talk about business, he just wanted to take me to lunch and get to know me.

Mom was right, guys! (Aren’t they always?!) I was freaking out inside! Like what the heck, this guy just literally tricked me into a date!!! But I told myself to just go with it since I was already there and he so sweet about it (how could I have left anyways!? lol)

As we sat down for lunch the conversation just started to flow, I was completely myself with him and we actually had everything in common! It was the easiest first date I had ever been on. From lunch we walked the strip, went for a drink, then it was dinner time and before I knew it we just had been to 7 different restaurants and had 9 hour first date! Two days later Peter begged me to meet him for a quick coffee.

On the way to meet him I knew I could fall for him and fall hard, so I said a little prayer out loud, “God, if this is meant to be please just give me a sign!” After coffee, we drove up to Red Rock (it’s really close to where we both lived) and Peter told me he was going to marry me. Yes, on our second date he told me very matter of factly that he was going to marry me! That was my sign. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Fast forward almost 2 years, Peter and I had just flown in from Chicago (where we were living at the time) to Las Vegas to spend Christmas with our families. It was 2 days before Christmas so I was running around doing some last minute shopping and Peter told me he was doing the same (come to find out he hopped in the car with his family, drove to Newport Beach and back in one day to pick up my engagement ring!).

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It’s now Christmas Eve, I am in the kitchen helping my mom bake all morning when my dad comes home and tells me to go get ready and that he will help my mom bake. I was said, “Dad, you never bake. It’s fine, I have nothing else to do today!” Then Peter shows up and says he wants to go on a little date. Now keep in mind, my sweet Peter isn’t much of a planner.

I am the planner, that’s why we work! But he keeps telling me he has a date planned and we need to go ASAP. My parents are pushing my out of the house too. I suspicious about what all the fuss was about and why everyone was so persistent. But thought, Whatever! Let’s go have a fun date!

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Peter won’t tell me any details and we end up at his old condo on the Las Vegas Strip. We park and walk to the lunch spot we had our very first date at! Then he insists on hitting all 7 spots we went to on our first date to reminisce!

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It was an epic first date and our very favorite story to tell so I was all about it, thinking this was his thoughtful Christmas gift to me! After a few hours enjoying our date going to all 7 spots, we get back in the car and I thought the date was over.

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Before I know it, we end up at the exact spot in Red Rock where Peter told me on our second date that he was going to marry me! He hands me a card to read and tells me he knew from day 2 that I was the one, gets down one knee and asks me to be his forever!

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The moment was perfect and so peaceful. I, of course, said yes! Now we are doing forever and we couldn’t be more blessed!

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