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How We Met

Paul and I met when we were both students at Caldwell College, I was a sophomore while Paul was a freshman. We did NOT get off to a good start! The first time I “met” Paul I was talking to a group of his friends and he was standing in the background silently eating Apple Jacks out of a backpack that he had on the front of his body. He did not speak or stop eating the cereal the entire time! I thought he was strange instantly. We began seeing more of each other due to having mutual friends, and my dislike for Paul grew greater and greater. I thought he was incredibly annoying, and made sure to tell him that often (in true Danielle fashion!). However, as time went on I began to see his annoying-ness as endearing and comical. We spent six months spending time together as friends, even though we and all of our friends knew we wanted to be more than “just friends”. After many movie nights and arguments over football, we decided to become an official couple on April 10th, 2011.

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how they asked

If you ask anyone that knows Paul and I, they will tell you that the most important thing in our lives is football. We are both diehard fans, but of course are fans of rival teams. I am a HUGE NY Giants fan, while Paul loves the Philadelphia Eagles. I attend every Giants home game and even have a Giants tattoo! Paul and I make monetary bets about the games and sometimes will get into very serious arguments about who’s team is better! We eat, sleep, and breathe football; and when the Giants & Eagles play each other, we don’t speak for the entire day. It’s VERY serious. So needless to say when we found out that the 2017 NFL Draft was going to be in Philadelphia AND fell on Paul’s 25th birthday we knew that we had to go!

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The NFL Draft is a multi-day event with lots and lots to do. Paul and his dad decided to go to the draft festivities on Friday 4/28 and the plan was for me to meet them in Philadelphia once I finished work for the day. Once I arrived, Paul and his dad met me at the train station and we all walked to the hotel so we could check in and put our stuff down before heading to dinner. When it was time to go to dinner, I noticed Paul’s dad checked the hotel door multiple times to make sure it was pulled shut and locked. I thought it was odd but didn’t pay much attention to it. We had a lovely dinner together, then Paul’s dad headed home.

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The next morning, Paul’s birthday, we got an early start so we could stop and get our favorite donuts from Beiler’s before heading to the draft. (They’re seriously the BEST donuts ever. You need to go!) I noticed that Paul was paying very close attention to his backpack, but didn’t question it since he is VERY particular about his things. After eating way too many donuts we headed to the draft festivities. We had a pretty far walk and it was extremely hot, which does not make for a happy Danielle! Paul said that the first thing we should see is the Lombardi Trophy (the Super Bowl Trophy), and I just went with it. We were waiting in line to see the trophy in the hot sun for quite some time, and I started to get VERY annoyed. I asked if we could go see something else first, but Paul told me to just keep waiting, and I surprisingly listened. Before I continue, let me give you a bit of a back story. Paul and I have been together for 6 years. To say that I was eagerly awaiting a proposal would be a serious understatement. I (admittedly) became extremely annoying about the whole thing, and constantly wondered if even the smallest of things was going to be “the moment”, but obviously none of them were, so I became very used to talking myself out of the idea that it was going to happen in that time and place. So, many people have asked me if I knew he was going to propose that day, and my response is always: kinda, sorta, not really. On our walk to the festivities, in my head I questioned again if today could be the day, but again, I told myself that I was being stupid and that it wasn’t going to happen as I had so many times before.

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So anyway! We were FINALLY at the front of the line and I see Paul fiddling with his backpack again. But like I said, Paul is very particular about his things so I didn’t think much of it. (Little did I know he kept checking to make sure the ring was okay!) Now we’re finally called up to the podium where the trophy is and I was THRILLED because we were finally under shade! I was posed next to the trophy, and got yelled at for leaning on it (oops!). Before I knew it Paul was down on one knee and I was seriously ugly crying.

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After calling all of our friends and families we spent the rest of the day in a perfect football world enjoying our engagement and Paul’s birthday. Once we got home Paul arranged a huge party with both of our families at my favorite restaurant. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect and appropriate proposal for us, and I can’t wait to marry my best friend on November 3rd, 2018! P.S. GO GIANTS! :)

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