Danielle and Paul

Danielle's Proposal in Empire State Building

How They Asked

We moved to Colorado in September 2018 from New York and flew home for the December 2018 holidays. My parents were supposed to pick us up at the airport, but Paul knew I’d been missing the NYC area, so he surprised me by having us Uber into the city instead and spend the night there. Even though I grew up an hour north of the city, I’d never been to the Empire State Building before, so he continued the surprise by taking me there in the morning!

When we got to the top, he looked around for someone to take our picture, and we found my best friend from college, Traci. That’s when I knew something was up! We posed for photos, and after a few, Paul got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Empire State Building

But the surprise didn’t end there-he said we were going to get brunch with Traci, and we’d meet her at the restaurant after grabbing our luggage from the hotel. When we arrived at the restaurant, I looked for her in the back, and found not only Traci, but my parents and many of my close friends waiting to celebrate with us! It was the perfect proposal and the best way to start off our visit home.

Special Thanks

Traci Rubin
 | Photographer