Danielle and Patrick

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How We Met

We met back in college, my freshman year and Pat’s sophomore year. My brother was up visiting on a Friday night so we decided to go to the hockey team’s house party. Of all the people packed into the house that night, the boy with the big goofy blue sunglasses caught my eye. After a few sparks, Pat and I became friends that night. We parted our separate ways soon after for the summer. Just before move-in week I received a message from Pat saying “Hi future neighbor!” What do you know?! The cute boy from last semester was going to be my neighbor in my dorm building! We hung out every day, not sure what we really were titled for about 6 months. We were not even dating yet and I told my roommate at the time, “I’m going to marry this boy, you wait and see!” Soon after we started dating and the rest is history!

how they asked

He proposed to me in August, but his idea for his proposal started back in May, my birthday month. We had been dating for almost 6 years at this time. He bought me a new set of golf clubs to learn how to play. He was very enthusiastic for me to learn… little did I know he had his own plan. We went as much as possible to the driving range and he taugh me. Golf was growing on me fast! One day, I became very sick and was hospitalized. After calling Pat multiple times, I was screaming “hWhere are you?! I’m at the hospital and I’m having my appendix out!” While I had no idea what he was up to, he rushed to the hospital, apologizing for his delay. Little did I know, he was at the store buying a diamond ring to propose to me!!! Needless to say, his proposal plan went on the back burner for a bit as I recovered from surgery. He planned our first day of golf with my sister and her boyfriend and my brother and his girlfriend. Pat and I golfed for the first time on the course behind them. Not sure why there were 2 balls in the 9th hole when we finally finished putting (my brother dropped a golf ball with the ring inside it for Pat in the 9th hole!!!), I tossed him the extra ball, not thinking much of it. He then kissed me, told me how much he loved me, and got down on one knee and asked “will you be my forever partner? Will you marry me?” As the tears poured down my cheeks, the rest of both our families appeared from the woods!! I then realized why we had been practicing golfing so much the entire summer! He brought both of our entire families to his proposal. I have never been more happy in my life. The man of my dreams get to be my forever, my best friend ❤️ The tears would not stop streaming down my cheeks, I was so happy I said yes twice!!! Knowing how much family means to me, he had everyone there as well !!!!

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Special Thanks

Nicole (sister)
 | Planning
Chris (brother)
 | Planning