Danielle and Patrick

How We Met

Patrick and I met our freshman year of college. My girlfriends and I were going to dinner and a mutual friend decided to invite Patrick and his friends to come with us. All of his friends decided not to go, but Patrick went anyway. We talked and laughed the whole night as if we were the only two people in the room. That night we all went back to my dorm and watched The Notebook and I jokingly said that knowing this movie would definitely help him impress women, little did I know I was the one he wanted to impress! A few days later we ran into each other in the dining hall, but I was too scared to talk to him. He approached me and asked me to hang out that weekend. We spent most of the weekend together watching movies, talking, and laughing. From that day I knew he was someone special. We were inseparable after that and a few weeks later he asked me for a fancy dinner. During dessert, we were picking on each other and I jokingly said: “I hate you!” He said “you hate your boyfriend?” and officially asked me to be his girlfriend! We’ve now been together for almost 6 years! We graduated together, did long distance for a year while he pursued nursing school and I entered a Ph.D. program in counseling psychology, he moved to Tennessee with me for my program, and now we’re engaged! I had a feeling he was the one from that very first night and now we’re getting married!

How They Asked

Disney has always been one of our absolute favorite places. We went there together for spring break our senior year of college and had the perfect trip, so we were dying to go back! We decided that instead of birthday gifts, we would do something special for our 25th birthdays and go back to Disney! We planned our trip to fall on my birthday and we were so excited! I didn’t know how this trip could top our previous one, but boy was I wrong! Our first day there we went to the Magic Kingdom. I was so excited and immediately felt the magic only Disney can offer. We walked down Main Street and saw the castle and I was so happy! Patrick knows I love my castle pics and suggested we take a photo with the Disney photographer in front of the castle. I happily agreed and we took some sweet photos. When we were almost finished he turned towards me, reached in his pocket, and started to get down on one knee!!

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I couldn’t believe it was finally happening and I was bursting with excitement. He pulled out the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen and I ecstatically said YES!! The photographer was snapping photos the whole time and everyone walking by stopped to watch and cheer. A passing trolley even honked to congratulate us! I could not have been happier! Afterward, he got a reservation for breakfast in Cinderella’s castle! We celebrated with mimosas and ‘Happily Ever After’ buttons and got to show all the princesses my new ring. It could not have been more special and was the most magical day ever!