Danielle and Oren

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How We Met

Oren and I met on Hinge in April of 2019. We live in San Diego and I was living downtown and he was working for the San Diego Padres so we met at a bar downtown and instantly hit it off. The rest was history. He moved in 4 months later and we both knew pretty quickly that this was it for the both of us.

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How They Asked

After Oren and I were close to dating about a year I knew him proposing could happen at any moment. Little did I know he was ready to buy a ring in March of 2020 and then COVID happened and both of us were furloughed. He postponed and bought the ring in late April of 2020. I am from Las Vegas and we went back home for Mother’s Day and one of my best friend’s Sara’s 30th birthday. The plan was to celebrate her birthday on Monday, May 11th with a game night at her house. Her husband Austin, is a photographer and asked Oren and me if we would do a shoot with him to build his portfolio during sunset before the game night.

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We agreed to the photoshoot and went out to the Vegas desert. We were listening to music during the photoshoot and at about sunset, Oren and I’s song came over the speaker. I looked at Oren and asked if he had requested the song and he denied it. Austin asked us to face each other for some photos and when we did Oren said he loved me and I was his favorite (which is something he always says to me) and then he reached in his back pocket and got down on his knee.

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I immediately started crying and so did he! He actually wasn’t saying anything, haha and then he said will you marry me? And I said yes! When we were done we went back to Sara and Austin’s house for what I still thought was game night but instead my family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us! It was perfect!

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