Danielle and Omar

How we met: Omar and I both went to Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  He started out as a freshman on the football team and I was a freshman on the dance team.  However, we never crossed paths until senior year of college.  We met on a Tuesday night in October, I was hanging out with one of my best friends and Omar was out for a roommate’s birthday, and that’s where it all began.  Omar decided to strike up a conversation with me, and it has been a whirlwind romance ever since that day, four years ago.

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how they asked: Every year we celebrate the end of summer by doing something special. He told me we were going to stay in NYC for the night and go to dinner at the Boathouse in Central Park. It’s not unusual for us to get dressed up and go to a fancy dinner, so we did just that. Instead of walking, he suggested going in a horse and carriage ride (which I love) through the park.

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Then he looked at me and said “I have a picnic set up.” I was SO confused (didn’t he just tell me to get all dressed up?) but still so unsuspecting, I thought he was making a joke. He took my hand and walked me up on the grass and that’s when I knew. There was a picnic blanket, basket, champagne, chocolates, roses… the works!

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He got down on one knee and I said yes! Next thing I know, I hear a guitar playing in the background – he had someone there to serenade us with “All of Me.”

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After some hugging and kissing of course, he points out photographers in the distance (Paparazzi Proposals) who captured every moment after we stepped outside of the hotel!

The surprises didn’t end there. We went to the Boathouse (like he told me we would) but I couldn’t believe when we walked in who I saw! Both of our families were there to celebrate the special moment with us. They took us over to Tavern on the Green for dinner, with tears and toasts all around, it was a magical, perfect day.

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