Danielle and Nick

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How We Met

The earliest memory Nick and I have of a meeting is at 13 years old on a mission trip to New Orleans. We always ran in the same friend groups through high school and upon return visits to college and were good acquaintances.

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In April 2016, we had both moved back home and made a plan to get caught up after not seeing each other for over a year and it’s funny because our ‘first date’ wasn’t supposed to be a date – we met up to get tacos, grabbed a nightcap drink after and then while sitting in the car when he was bringing me home we were laughing and sharing stories from over the year and we kissed and history was written from there. We were inseparable and together from that point on.

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how they asked

It was December 22nd (which is a bit ironic because growing up both Mine and Nick’s sports number was 22 & we’ve passed this on to Miles as well). Earlier in the week, Nick told me that we were taking his mom to dinner on Friday because we hadn’t seen her in a while. On Thursday morning I actually came down with a terrible stomach bug that put me down for the entire day (I slept for over 18 hours!). I remember being woken up Friday morning with a hand pressing all over my face and I woke up trying to figure out what was going on.

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Come to find out Nick was checking my temp to see if I had a fever because he had been planning for that night all week and was afraid of having to find a backup plan! I felt better on Friday and toughed it out to make it to dinner, we arrived at the restaurant and sat at the bar while we were waiting for our table.

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About 30 minutes into our wait Nick wanted to go outside and get some air – we walked outside to my family waiting outside in the gazebo outside of the restaurant and Nick got down on one knee and asked “So Danielle, Will ya?” and because I’m super sassy I replied with “Will I what?” and made him ask out the entire question. I was so excited I completely forgot how terrible I had been feeling the last 24 hours – we celebrated with Dinner and lots of phone calls with and to all of the most important people in my life. Truly a perfect day.

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