Danielle and Nick

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How We Met

Nick is originally from Florida and I’m from Maine. We met three years ago in Florence, Italy while I was studying abroad. It is a classic story of a girl walks into a bar and the rest is history! We instantly clicked, maybe having back-to-back birthdays could be the reason!

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How They Asked

We love to travel! We had planned a trip to Egypt. Due to the pandemic, it had been a while since we left the US. Just excited to be traveling again, I missed all of the proposal clues, like when Nick was making sure I was first to go through airport security in case TSA was to pull out the ring! We spent our first day in Giza relaxing by the pool after such a long travel day from Atlanta. Nick’s phone had gone off, I passed it over to him. He thought I had caught a glimpse of the message from our tour guide talking about a “surprise.” Luckily I had no idea! Nick admitted he was bummed though the next morning as I rolled out of bed barely doing my hair or makeup, as he realized that I had no idea.

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On our second day in Egypt, we visited the pyramids! We first visited the Great Pyramid. After climbing up into the pyramid we hopped back into the tour guide’s car who took us to the next quieter pyramid. In awe of the views, I was busy taking photos when the tour guide asked for my camera to take a photo of Nick and I. That is when Nick got down on one knee and popped the question! A photographer also popped out and caught the entire moment. ❤️

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